Vape Moar EJuice Recap

Vape Moar 10 15 mlVape Moar is a relatively new ejuice maker, the earlies post on their website, dated June 23, 2015, serves as an introduction to the company and their wonderful line of ejuices. They contacted Seven Report less than a week after that post inquiring about a review of their line. About a week later I’d received their Super Sampler, 10 15 ml bottles, one of each of their flavors.

As has become standard procedure at Seven Report, if I receive an entire line (or sub-line) of ejuice for review, I post a recap of those ejuices to make it easier for you to find all of the pertinent information in one place. Of course I first do an in-depth review on each individual flavor, and you’ll find links to those reviews below.

Before the official recap, let me note a couple of special things about Vape Moar. First, they’re out of Wisconsin, which seems to be very fertile ground not only for farming and dairy products, but ejuice makers, Vape Moar is the third Wisconsin-based ejuice company I’ve reviewed on Seven Report. The next noteworthy factor about Vape Moar is their pricing structure. Their slogan is “Big bottles, small prices, happy vapers.” They sell their ejuices in 15 ml bottles for $3 and 120 ml bottles for $20. With prices like that, I was a little skeptical about the quality of the ejuice. I shouldn’t have been. Every one of the Vape Moar ejuices is exceptional in its own right.

One other note about Vape Moar before the recap; they’ve listed their suggested wattage and temperature ranges to get the most out of each flavor. They refer to it as the “Tank to Drip Ratio.” I found it very helpful in locating the sweet spot for each ejuice.

Bakers Bean 120 officialBaker’s Bean: This is a pure vanilla ejuice, no frills, no added flavors or custard notes. This is vanilla plain and simple. But it’s not so plain. Baker’s Bean is as complex as vanilla ejuice gets, lightly sweet and creamy smooth. Of all 10 of the Vape Moar ejuices, this one is my absolute favorite. PG/VG ratio: 40/60.

Berry Bomb: Sweet, juicy and complex, this ejuice mixes berry flavors with just a hint of watermelon. It reminded me of a fresh fruit salad on a warm summer night. The berries are dominant in Berry Bomb, but that watermelon is discernible too. PG/VG Ratio: 40/60.

Café Creme: A spot on caramel macchiato, sweet, warm with distinctive caramel and cream notes. This is one coffee based ejuice that doesn’t have that extreme dark roasted, almost burned flavor. The coffee essence in Café Creme is more like that of a good medium roast. PG/VG Ratio: 17/83.

Cool Customer 120 officialCool Customer: A dual flavored ejuice, Cool Customer combines chocolate and mint in a way that’s subtly different from any other pairing of those two flavors, in ejuice, candy or ice cream, that I’ve ever sampled. The mint is up front and the chocolate provides a smooth balanced finish. PG/VG Ratio: 23/77.

Cool Green: Vape Moar describes this ejuice as “a no nonsense menthol, and when we say no nonsense, we mean it.” Believe me, they mean it. This is menthol, but not a menthol tobacco ejuice. It’s much more like a mentholated cough drop, or six, the menthol is that potent, cool and smooth. PG/VG Ratio: 21/79.

Fru Fruity: This is a subtly sweet ejuice with a fresh banana note to both the taste and the aroma. It’s a little juicy, creamy and complex. It’s a wonderful ejuice for real fruit lovers who have yet to find an enjoyable multi-fruit flavored ejuice. PG/VG Ratio: 24/76.

Mellow Gold: For a tobacco flavored ejuice, Mellow Gold is surprisingly mild. It’s tobacco, no mistake about that, but it also has the soft sweetness of caramel and a wonderfully nutty undertone. PG/VG Ratio: 10/90.

Prince Pucker: A juicy, fresh, slightly tart ejuice that’s remarkably like a true green apple. It’s crisp, refreshing and just a tad tart. But not too tart. PG/VG Ratio: 25/75.

Summer Sweetie: A wonderfully and mildly sweet take on watermelon with that fresh, delicate aroma of just cut watermelon. Watermelon is not a bold flavor and Vape Moar allows that soft taste sensation to come through in Summer Sweetie. PG/VG Ratio: 22/78.

Tropical Torte 120 officialTropical Torte: This a fine balancing act between fruit flavors, especially tropical and citrus, and a creamy pastry. There are notes of cream, pastry, berries and citrus in this complex flavor. PG/VG Ratio: 28/72.

Every one of these ejuices provides a unique vaping experience. The hardest part may well be in deciding which one to sample. Vape Moar makes that easy, offering a Super Sampler, a 15 ml bottle of each flavor for $20. That’s a 150 ml total.

Having sampled all of them myself I’m hoping to receive a 120 ml bottle of Baker’s Bean soon. I’m also hoping Vape Moar expands their menu in the very near future. I’d love to see what they’d do with a cinnamon flavor.

I vaped all 10 Vape Moar ejuices in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank powered by a VaporFi VOX II 50 watt mod. Vape Moar provided their entire line for the purpose of Seven Report reviews.

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Order from Vape Moar.

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