Prince Pucker EJuice Review

Prince Pucker

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  • Fresh, crisp flavor
  • Wonderful aroma
  • Slightly sweet


  • Not as tart as you might expect from a green apple flavor

If fruit had a kingdom an apple would be king. A big, ripe, juicy, sweet, red apple. Sure, apples are not the biggest or the most exotic fruits, but an apple would be king all the same. Apples have that whole tree thing working for them, hanging up there above the bush and groundling fruits. Oh, there may be other fruits that grow in trees, bigger trees even, but how many of them played a crucial role in the discovery of the law of gravity? And apples have been around since the beginning, you remember that whole Garden of Eden story.

If a red apple was the king, then a green apple would be prince. Juicy and a little sweet, but with just enough tartness to keep King Red Apple on his toes, or whatever it is that’s the apple equivalent to toes. That’s a story worthy of George R. R. Martin.

Vape Moar has already begun telling the story, casting Prince Pucker ejuice in the starring role, “Prince Pucker will be King one day, just you wait and see! This upstart eliquid is a faithful Green Apple vape without the overly candy notes that plague EVERY green apple flavor on the market. While we love green Jolly Ranchers too, there’s a lot more to ruling a kingdom than one version of one flavor. Prince Pucker is our interpretation of a ripe and sweet Green Apple, with subtle hints of that sour pucker that everybody loves, but nobody is ‘in love with.’ Prince Pucker will tickle your mouth to a point just short of mouthwatering on the inhale, then take you there on the exhale with a sweet and crisp finish you’ll love.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level       4 MG
PG/VG Ratio         25/75

Prince Pucker is a flavor worthy of its royal name. On the inhale there’s a juicy, lightly sweet apple note with just a hint of tartness lurking in the background. The exhale exposes a little more of that not quite sharp, not quite sour undertone. The entire experience is juicy, fresh and crisp.

Prince Pucker 15The vapor of Prince Pucker is cool and the throat hit is mild. The aroma is enchanting, like a basket of fresh green apples sitting in the shade at a farmer’s market. This is a delightfully sweet, but not too sweet, fruity vape.

I vaped Prince Pucker for several days, enjoying it more and more with each inhale. It’s refreshing and juicy. So juicy, you may want to keep a napkin handy, you’ll swear there’s a little apple juice running down your chin as you vape it.

Prince Pucker is an excellent choice for vapers who enjoy a solo fruit flavor that’s fresh and authentic. Vape Moar has gone out of their way to make this ejuice unique, staying away from the tendency of green apple vapes to be too sour or too sweet. It’s more like an actual piece of fruit than those sour apple candies.

Vape Moar offers Prince Pucker in 15 ml bottles for $3 and 120 ml bottles for $20. You can order nicotine levels of 0 MG, 4 MG, 8 MG and 16 MG. Prince Pucker is mixed with a PG/VG ratio of 25/75.

I vaped Prince Pucker in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank on a VaporFi VOX II 50 watt Mod. Vape Moar provided the bottle of Prince Pucker that I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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