Youde Zephyrus Sub Ohm Tank Review

Zephyrus Tank

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  • Huge ejuice flow ports on the OCC
  • Top filling
  • Extra Pyrex tank
  • Mini RBA deck


  • Noisy
  • No users manual
  • Airflow adjustment ring a little loose

zephyrus 01Zephyrus is the Greek god of the west wind and the bringer of spring and early summer breezes. As of June 2015, Zephyrus is also the entry into the sub ohm tank field by Youde (UD) Technology. They have aptly named this tank, as it provides one of the breeziest vapes I’ve experienced, even with the adjustable airflow nearly completely closed.

The Zephyrus is a top filling tank with a 5 ml ejuice capacity. It’s made of stainless steel and Pyrex, is 22 mm in diameter and is 510 threaded. The adjustable airflow system on the Zephyrus consists of two wide ports that can be adjusted from fully closed to wide open, which provides 8.65 mm of airflow delivery.

The tank comes with a 0.3 ohm dual coil OCC (organic cotton coil) atomizer and a dual coil mini RBA deck. UD recommends a wattage range of 20 – 50 watts for the OCC. They also make replacement OCC heads with resistance ratings of 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Zephyrsus tank
  • 1 X 0.3 ohm OCC head (installed)
  • 1 X Mini RBA head
  • 1 X Spare Pyrex tank
  • 1 X Heat Sink
  • 7 X Spare O-rings
  • 1 X Spare RBA screw
  • 1 X Spare filler plug

Performance: The Zephyrus produces tons of vapor, largely due to that dual coil OCC atomizer which has four large juice ports and a large airflow opening on the bottom. Add to that the adjustable airflow and you can understand why UD named this tank Zephyrus. Even with that airflow control nearly fully closed, this is one of the breeziest vaping tanks I’ve used.

I vaped several ejuices in the Zephyrus, all of which are among my favorites. I don’t know if it’s due to that massive airflow, but the flavor of those juices in the Zephyrus seemed just a little thin. Not so much so that I couldn’t tell what they were, but they didn’t come across as full bodied as they do in other tanks.

UD has designed the OCC heads with what they call a “KF double vacuum design structure,” which is supposed to prevent ejuice leaks. In the time that I’ve been the tank I’ve only had one little seepage issue, and I’m not sure what caused that. Unlike other sub ohm tanks, I have yet to notice any ejuice collecting in the airflow ports.

As with any organic cotton coils, you do not want to dry fire them. Always prime new coils by placing a few drops of ejuice directly onto the cotton in the center of the coil and a drop on the cotton that’s visible through each ejuice port. That cotton also tends to retain the flavor of ejuice, if you switch out ejuices without changing coils I’ve found that it helps to flush the flavor of the old ejuice a little quicker if you prime the coil again with the new flavor of ejuice.

Those OCC atomizers are a little more pricey than non-sub ohm coils, but they do tend to last a good deal longer.

UD Zephyrus in boxFeatures: The Zephyrus isn’t the most feature loaded tank on the market, but the features it does include are solid. Those OCC heads have massive ejuice ports, so they should stand up to your max VG ejuice with no problem, that’s what I’ve been using in the tank and I’ve experienced no dry hits.

I like the top-filling system on the Zephyrus. There’s a little rubber plug that covers two small holes for inserting ejuice. It’s pretty simple, just unscrew the top of the tank, pop out the plug and fill. It’s certainly less messy than many bottom filling tanks.

UD includes a heat sink with the Zephyrus, you can attach it to the top of the tank and then attach the drip tip to the heat sink. This will keep the drip tip from getting too warm when you’re vaping at higher wattages or temperatures. And that drip tip is rifled, meaning that it has spiral grooves on the interior. I suppose that’s to add to the flavor or something, though I really didn’t notice any difference.

The other major feature worth noting is the construction of the mini RBA deck. It will accommodate a dual coil build. All of the other sub ohm tanks that include a mini RBA that I’ve seen are strictly single coil capable.

Other features on the plus side include the adjustable airflow system, extra O-rings in red and blue so you can personalize the tank and that extra Pyrex tank. Features which are lacking; an extra OCC head and even a basic users guide. There’s a little illustration on the back of the Zephyrus packaging that shows how to fill it and gives a little detail on its specs. But if you’re brand new to rebuilding, you’re going to be on your own with the Zephyrus.

Quality: The Zephyrus is a pretty solid tank. Those OCC heads are bigger than any others I’ve used, and their ejuice ports are amazing. And it’s tendency to keep the ejuice on the inside of the tank is quite welcome.

There are a couple of little issues I have with this tank. The first is how airy the draw is, even with airflow nearly closed, the Zephyrus has a noisy draw. That may be partly due to how wide the tube is. And the collar or adjustment ring doesn’t seem to be on there too securely, it’s held in place by an O-ring, not threading, so it’s prone to falling off when the tank isn’t attached to a mod.

The final issue I have is probably more of a design than quality issue. That drip tip is awfully short. I find that my lips touch the heat sink, or the top of the tank if I’m not using the heat sink. A little more length on the drip tip would make using the Zephyrus a little more comfortable.

UD Zephyrus in box official UDLooks: There’s nothing flashy about the Zephyrus. It’s not a bad looking tank, just kind of minimalist. And with that heat sink attached it does kind of industrial. The hug OCC is pretty impressive, visible through all but the very darkest ejuices. Lots of stainless steel and Pyrex give it neutral vibe that won’t look out of place sitting on top of most mods.

Price/Value: GearBest, who supplied the Zephyrus for this review, lists it at $31.90. For a limited time you can get it for $25.00 when you use the coupon code YZRTA. For a tank with these features, the adjustable airflow, sub ohm OCC head and mini RBA, that’s a pretty good price You can spend a good more for a tank with negligibly more features. [UPDATE: GearBest now lists the Zephyrus at $20.99 with no coupon code needed.}

I’ve been using the UD Zephyrus pretty extensively for a little more than a week and am really enjoying it. I really like the vapor output and the convenience of filling the tank from the top. If you have some experience in rebuilding on mini RBA decks, the Zephyrus is great addition to your collection that won’t break the budget, especially when you use that coupon code YZRTA at GearBest.

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