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  • Not too sweet
  • Fresh banana note
  • Creamy vapor


  • Secondary flavors a little subtle

We seem to be in the age of the specialist. In almost every field of endeavor there are specialists. In medicine, science, law, acting, manufacturing, sports,business, many companies and individuals have become specialists in a specific area. Sometimes they specialize in such a narrow area as to make you wonder how they can stay in business.

Yet, whether by design, necessity, happenstance or natural talent, fields of specialization seem to be more narrowly defined all the time. Oh, there are still generalists, but even those folks tend to be a little bit better at certain areas of their expertise than others.

That’s even true of ejuice companies. I’ve reviewed quite a few ejuice flavors from a wide variety of companies. All of them offer a pretty wide variety of taste categories, but many of them seem to really excel at a particular category, be it bakery, drink, candy, savory or fruit flavors.

One of the most recent companies to submit their ejuices for Seven Report reviews, Vape Moar, is like that. They supplied all ten of their flavors, and fully half of them are fruit based flavors. And so far, I haven’t reviewed all of them yet, every one of them has been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, Vape Moar doesn’t produce ONLY fruit flavors, and the non-fruit based ejuices from Vape Moar that I’ve sampled thus far have all been quite good as well. But when fully half of your menu is from one category, broad as the fruit flavored category may be, you had better be real sure you know what you’re doing in that category. Vape Moar knows what they’re doing, especially when it comes to fruit flavors.

The official description of Fru Fruity says, “One of the biggest problems with rich, sweet, fruity vapes is that they tend to come off ‘perfumey’. Creating a balanced mix of fruits that lets you pull out individual fruit and flavor notes is a lofty goal, but it’s one we think we’ve accomplished. If you’re the kind of vaper who wants to vape fruity flavors all day, but are put off by overly sweet and no so fruity tasting concoctions, you’ll love this liquid. We’ve taken a step back and developed a flavor that pays homage to the actual flavors that are in it, without heavy creamy, dairy, or cake notes to obscure the flavor you know and love.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      4 MG
PG/VG Ratio        24/76

That description is pretty accurate. Fru Fruity has a natural fruit flavor, a little sweet, but not like candy or fruit that’s been packed in heavy syrup. This is a mildly sweet, semi juicy vape. On the inhale there’s a note of banana joined by what is probably blueberry, subtle, maybe a little understated, but definitely fruit. On the exhale the banana is back, soft and just a little sweet and joined by something that’s a little more difficult to identify. It’s a little exotic, bordering on tangy sweet.

Fru Fruity 15The vapor is warm and creamy and the throat hit is mild. The aroma of Fru Fruity is mild as well, with the unmistakable note of just ripe banana. I vaped Fru Fruity for several days at a variety of wattage settings. Each power level brought out something a little different in this ejuice, but that banana was consistent no matter what wattage I had the mod set on.

Vape Moar recommends not vaping Fru Fruity at very high temperatures as the fruit flavors have a tendency to weaken and the background flavors can get lost. If you’re a fan of fruit based ejuices, but don’t like them sticky sweet , then Fru Fruity is going to wow you.

Vape Moar offers Fru Fruity in 15 ml bottles for $3 and 120 ml bottles for $20. You can order Fru Fruity with nicotine levels of 0 MG, 4 MG, 8 MG or 16 MG. Fru Fruity is mixed in a PG/VG ratio of 24/76.

I vaped Fru Fruity in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank on a VaporFi VOX II 50 Watt mod. Vape Moar provided the bottle of Fru Fruity I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Fru Fruity from Vape Moar.

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