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Vape CloudWe launched Seven Report in August 2014, shortly after our founder started vaping and quit smoking analog cigarettes. We started off sharing our own story and experiences, and reviewing the hardware and ejuices we bought. Since then we’ve established relations with a number of companies who have been kind enough to supply product for Seven Report to review.

We’re pretty rigorous in our review process, using each product we review extensively prior to writing and shooting the video of the review. Our Review Methodology is available here. We take our role as reviewers very seriously. We want to provide you with accurate, complete information to help you make an informed decision about purchasing hardware and ejuice.

But not just a review website. We like to have a little fun once in a while, and that’s often reflected in our “Sevens” department where we break the world of vaping down to “The Seven…” Could be the best, the worst or just a random sampling of seven things that, to us at least, have something in common. Occasionally we’ll climb up on a soapbox and give our unapologetic opinion about issues concerning the vape life in our “Commentary” section.

Our hope is that from out experiences, reviews and our “Vape U” section of how-to and informational posts you’ll get more enjoyment from your own vaping experience and that those who are still investigating vaping as a means of giving up tobacco will find encouragement to buy that first vape set up.

Thanks for visiting Seven Report. We hope you find the posts informative, helpful and entertaining. Keep coming back, we update the site and our You Tube channel several times a week.

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