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Cool Customer

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  • Cool mint flavor
  • Delicate chocolate notes
  • Balanced aroma


  • Mint flavor is very strong
  • Just the slightest mint aftertaste

A great duo is a joy to watch. I’m a big comedy fan, and I enjoy watching comedy duos at work. There have been a lot of them through the years, on the stage, radio, in movies and TV. The good duos have pretty well defined roles, the straight man and the funny man. The Smothers Brothers, Burns & Allen, Martin & Lewis and Abbott & Costello all had those well defined roles and pretty much stayed within them throughout their partnerships.

Some acts, like Cheech & Chong, Stiller & Meara and Fey & Poehler stretch those boundaries with each partner taking a near equal share of the laughs. And then there was Laurel & Hardy. Stan and Ollie worked so well off of and with each other that they took the genre to a whole new level. Some of their funniest moments didn’t include any dialogue at all.

Laurel n Hardy 01Flavors that have often been paired together can have a similar relationship, peanut butter & jelly, sugar & cinnamon, chocolate & peanut butter and chocolate & mint.

In that last flavor duo, chocolate is almost always the straight man with mint providing the big wow finish, often as almost a surprise, as in those after dinner candies served at fancy restaurants. You know the ones, with the chocolate is wrapped around the mint. As the chocolate melts in your mouth the bold, fresh flavor of the mint bursts through.

Vape Moar has taken that classic flavor combination and reversed the roles, elevating an already great flavor to near legendary standards with Cool Customer. They describe the flavor as, “a new take on the traditional Mint Chip flavor so many people know and love. This is no subtle twist on mint, you’ll know it from the minute you open the bottle, this is one minty vape. The touch of chocolate provides a great, balanced finish to each puff that will leave you with a lingering flavor of chocolate to pull you back in for that next puff.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level   4 MG
PG/VG Ratio     23/77

Cool Customer leads with a cool, fresh, crisp mint note. But before you finish inhaling, that’s joined by a subtle chocolate, light and creamy. Exactly the reverse of those fancy candies and most chocolate mint ejuices. On the exhale the chocolate softens the tendency mint has to bite and it minimizes that trait of mint to leave an aftertaste.

The vapor is cool and smooth with a surprisingly light throat hit. The aroma is very minty, but the chocolate is in there too, and that chocolate presence in the aroma seems to help the flavor of the chocolate cut through that strong mint.

Andes MintI vaped Cool Customer for a couple of days and found it refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. During the time I was testing Cool Customer my wife and celebrated our wedding anniversary by going out for dinner. After the meal our waitress brought us a few of those chocolate mint candies. I didn’t eat mine, I simply vaped Cool Customer and got much the same effect.

Cool Customer 15 bottleMint based ejuices may not be for everyone. They’re not the first ones I reach for. But sometimes they’re exactly what you need. If you enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of mint, smoothed out by creamy chocolate, Cool Customer should be on your list of must-try ejuices.

Vape Moar has Cool Customer available in 15 ml bottles for $3 and 120 ml for $20. Nicotine options are 0 MG, 4 MG, 8 MG and 16 MG. Cool Customer comes mixed in PG/VG ratio of 23/77.

I vaped Cool Customer in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank on a VaporFi VOX II 50 watt mod. Vape Moar provided the bottle of Cool Customer that I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Cool Customer from Vape Moar.

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