Kangertech CUPTI 2 Review














  • 5 ml Internal tank
  • Accepts external tanks
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • TC with wide variety of coils


  • Max output of 80 watts as shipped
  • A tad bulky

The Kangertech is one of the most versatile devices I’ve used. It’s the next generation of Kanger’s original CUPTI, an all-in-one device. The CUPTI 2 has an internal 5 ml tank and comes with what Kanger refers to as a “second connector” that makes it possible to use an external tank with the CUPTI 2.

Two external 18650 batteries (not included) power the CUPTI 2. Open the battery compartment, located on the bottom of the mod, by sliding the spring loaded latch. Insert the batteries and snap the door shut. You can charge the batteries while they’re in the CUPTI 2 via the micro USB port on the front of the device with the included charging cable.

You can operate the CUPTI 2 in temperature control mode with Nickel 200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, plus a customizable option. It will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.1 – 2.5 ohm. In temperature control mode the range is 200° – 600° F and 100° – 315° C in single degree increments.

The CUPTI 2 will also operate in variable wattage mode with a range of 5 – 80 watts in 0.1 watt increments. That maximum wattage is upgradable to 100 watts. To switch between coil materials and temperature control and wattage modes click the fire button three times to select each option.

You can lock or unlock the power or temperature adjustments by holding in both the fire and “-” buttons at the same time. Holding in the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously enters the temperature curve/power curve mode which customizable through downloadable firmware. The firmware also lets you modify the working interface of the CUPTI 2, function display and screen brightness. To flip the OLED display by 180° hold in the fire and “+” buttons.

To fill the CUPTI 2 press down on the top cover and unscrew it. Then lift the top cover, tip and coil connector and coil assembly out of the unit. Fill the tank, but only as far as the “MAX” line on the side of the tank. Then reinsert the assembly and screw it back into place. Use the same process to change the coil and then unscrew the CLOCC from the bottom of the tip and coil connector.

When you’re using a new coil for the first time be sure to prime it and allow it to sit in a full tank for several minutes to ensure that it’s saturated. When you attach a new coil, whether in the internal tank or an external tank, you’ll be prompted to set the base resistance of the coil. The display will read “New coil? “+” yes/”-” no.” Press the appropriate button. Make sure the coil is at room temperature when setting the base resistance.

Use the same process to attach an external tank to the Kangertech CUPTI 2 as you do to fill the tank. But instead of adding ejuice into the tank, insert the “second connector,” being sure to screw it in securely. Kanger includes a small plastic disc to help you tighten or loosen the connector. Then you can use an external tank.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X CUPTI 2 
  • 1 X Second connector 
  • 1 X 0.5 ohm CLOCC Stainless Steel coil 
  • 1 X charging cable 1 X Manual

Performance: The Kangertech CUPTI 2 performs like a champ. The CLOCC coil puts out plenty of flavorful vapor and lasts a good long time. And it fires external tanks with no problem.

There’s a little “click” when you press the buttons, so you know they’re making contact. The display is crisp and easy to read.

Features: I’ve not seen a mod with an internal tank that will also accept an external tank. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there, but the CUPTI 2 is the only one I’m aware of. That feature in itself sets the bar pretty high.

Add to that the wide variety of coils it will fire in temperature control mode, the 5 ml capacity of the internal tank and the adjustable airflow at the top of the coil connector and the Kangertech CUPTI 2 is one of the most feature rich mods I’ve ever used.

And then there’s that firmware you can download to upgrade that max wattage and adjust other features. The only slight negative is the upper wattage output of 80 watts, though it is upgradable to 100 watts.

The manual mentions an optional CLRBA for the CUPTI 2 but I haven’t been able to find it available yet.

Quality: This is a solidly built, well designed mod. The zinc alloy casing is solid and durable. The CLOCC coils produce pure flavor and a satisfying amount of vapor. And if you don’t overfill the internal tank, the CUPTI 2 isn’t going to leak.

Looks: The Kangertech CUPTI 2 is an impressive looking piece of equipment. It’s a little on the bulky side, but for some vapers that will only add to its appeal. And it looks as good with an external tank attached as it does when you use the internal tank.

Price/Value: Kangertech lists the CUPTI 2 for $71.95 and that’s a decent price. DirectVapor, a Seven Report advertiser and review product supplier, has it for $59.95 which is a great deal, especially considering that they list the original CUPTI for only $5 less.

I’ve been vaping with the Kangertech CUPTI 2 for about a month and it’s quickly become one of my favorite devices. I’ve used it with the internal tank and a wide variety of ejuices and the CUPTI 2 has produced full bodied flavor out of each one of them. And I’ve used it with the Arymi Gille tank and that combination has worked flawlessly.

The Kangertech CUPTI 2 is a full featured device that gives you plenty of flexibility. About the only limiting feature is that max wattage of 80 watts (or even the upgraded 100 watts) which may not be enough to fire some tanks, but that’s a minor concern.

I haven’t yet upgraded the firmware, and so far I haven’t felt like I need to. It’s performed excellently in its original state. When, and if, I do upgrade I’ll post an update.

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Thanks to our friends at Kangertech for providing the CUPTI 2 for us to review.

Order the Kangertech CUPTI 2 from DirectVapor.

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