Our Top Seven Posts Of 2014

I’m kind of a stats geek. In my 35+ years in TV and radio (my day job), I’ve always been the unofficial ratings analyst. I get into parsing numbers, identifying trends and that sort of thing. One of the great things about the web is its capacity to capture accurate statistics on how many people have visited any website, any page on that website, where they’re from, how long they stayed on a given page or watched a particular video, and that’s only the most basic of stats you can you study.

Since I launched Seven Report in late August 2014 (the You Tube channel launched first, 08/21/14 and the website went online the next day) with our first video and post, “Tobacco Vs. E-Cigs,” I’ve kept an eye on which posts and videos have garnered the most views and where those views came from. I’ve looked at these numbers at a much deeper level than I’ll share here. Hopefully you’ll find them at least half as interesting as I do. And if you run your own vaping website and/or You Tube channel, maybe you’ll recognize similar trends on your own outlets.

With rare exception, when Seven Report posts an article on the website there’s a companion video posted to the You Tube channel. So I’ll use the combined views from the website and channel for this list. And to heighten the anticipation, I’ll reveal Our Top Seven Posts Of 2014 in reverse order.

who skull logo 0017. Random Thoughts With A Sunday Vape: This was our second Commentary post on the importance of keeping up with, for lack of a better phrase, the politics of vaping. It featured details of statements made by WHO and an official in UK Public Health, Professor John Ashton, who went on a Twitter tirade against individual vapers.

Skull-n-Raven Ejuice6. Vape Mail From Skull & Raven: Skull & Raven was the first ejuice company to provide samples of their product for Seven Report reviews. I’m still grateful for that opportunity. Vape Mail continues to be one of my favorite categories since I actually open the package live on video, and often don’t know what’s going to be inside.

Iinnokin iTaste MVP 25. Innokin iTaste MVP 2 Review: The MVP 2 came on the market in late 2013. I bought mine in September 2014 and posted the review shortly after. Even though it had been on the market for a lifetime in the world of vape hardware innovation, it remained a best-seller through 2014.

Twitter_logo_blue resize4. Seven Vapers Tweeting: The strength of the vaping community is one the things that makes vaping so special. And it’s one of the reasons this post has been so popular. All the vapers listed here are still tweeting away, and if you haven’t followed them yet, you owe it to yourself to give them a look.

Han Lik3. A Brief History Of Vaping: Once you start vaping and get involved with the vaping community, it’s easy to forget that there are still millions of people still smoking analog cigarettes who haven’t heard much about vaping yet. The Seven Report Vape U category is aimed at those people and those who are just beginning to investigate vaping as a method of quitting smoking. The popularity of this post and video are testament to the still growing interest in vaping.

Evod 2 size comp2. Evod 2 Starter Kit Review: This was the first hardware review published on Seven Report, and my introduction into the world of vaping. It’s still a solid device, affordable and effective. And it’s still an excellent way to introduce your smoking friends to vaping.

Kanger Aerotank Mega 021. Kangertech Aerotank Mega Review: This post is number one overall and the number one individual post on both the Seven Report website and You Tube channel. Three of the top seven posts on this list are hardware reviews. Which tells me people want a little information before they plunk down $40 or $50 or more for a piece of hardware. Hardware reviews are the most read articles and most watched videos on Seven Report outlets. That also tells me I need to do a lot more of them in the future!

Interestingly, no individual ejuice reviews cracked the top seven. But that is the second most popular category on both the website and You Tube channel, and the category with the most posts. Ejuice is the heart of vaping, the one ingredient that makes all the difference. Even the most expensive, intricate, most innovative mod or tank won’t make a bad juice taste good. And a great juice will taste great in even the most basic set up. For those reasons and more, you’ll continue to see lots and lots of ejuice reviews on Seven Report.

I’d love to know if there are certain types of post/videos you enjoy. And if there are any areas of vaping that you’re not seeing covered in enough depth (or at all) on Seven Report. Just leave a comment below, or contact us via this form.



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    Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?


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      Jerry R

      Thanks for the kind words. And if you’ll scroll down to the bottom of any (and every) page on the website, you’ll see a list of blogs that I read personally. That’s a great place to start.

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