Drip Clouds Vape Mail

01-09 drip clouds 02It’s the first vape mail of 2015! And it’s also our first vape mail from Drip Clouds. Drip Clouds was started by the folks from 510ego.com. They started Drip Clouds in response to requests from contacts who wanted them to start a dripping line.

Drip Clouds steeps all their juices for a minimum of 30 days before they ship them. They only offer 10 flavors and two seasonal flavors in order to focus on quality. According to an email from Steve at Drip Clouds, “I want to consistently improve the vape experience, the formulas will be changing slightly, so the next Butter Cream Tobacco will be an improvement on the last.”

They sent us French Toast and Butter Cream Tobacco. We’ll be vaping each flavor exclusively over the next few days and then posting our reviews. Keep checking back for it. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook we’ll notify you through those outlets when the reviews have been posted.

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