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Twitter_logo_blue resizeVapers, hardware manufacturers and ejuice mixologists are all over Twitter. Some are there to pimp their wares, blogs, websites and YouTube channels. Others tweet useful information, discuss issues pertinent to the vaping community. And some are there to learn and be a part of the larger vaping world.

We follow quite a few of them, more and more everyday. And in this first entry in our newest department, Sevens, we share seven of them who are worth following. All of the tweeting vapers (or are they vaping tweeters?) listed here are individuals, not representatives of corporations. Some of them do have blogs or YouTube review channels, and if they do, they certainly use Twitter as a means of promoting those outlets. And that’s ok. There’s only so much information you can pass along in 140 characters. And Seven Report uses Twitter to promote the content on this website.

We’ll share here a little about each individual; their profile description, number of tweets, followers and accounts they follow (as of our research on 10/18/14), their most recent tweet and why we follow them. Hopefully you’ll find at least a few of them worth following. Oh, and we wouldn’t mind if you followed us too. We’re @SevenReport.

(EDITORS’ NOTE: To view the video version of this story, just scroll down a little.)

The Prolific Tweeter & The Skimpy Tweeter
Some tweeters seem to fill up your timeline with multiple tweets within the span of a few minutes. And others tweet so infrequently you may forget you follow them. We start our list of Seven Vapers Tweeting (sounds like a line from a Christmas carol, doesn’t it?) with an example of each extreme.

TheRandomVaperThe Random Vaper
“I vape, I camp. I guess that makes me a vamper.”
Tweets:          38
Following:    104
Followers:     123

Latest Tweet: Oct 10, “A response to Martin McKee which the BMJ won’t publish: (link)

We love Random Vaper’s profile description, “vamper.” Doesn’t tell you much about what to expect from Random Vaper, but it’s clever. To be honest, we almost forgot about Random Vaper, he (we think, there’s really no indication of gender from Random’s tweets and no “About Section” on his/her blog) tweets so infrequently. The blog is insightful and well written, but Random Vaper posts fairly infrequently. The post immediately prior to the one mentioned in the tweet above is dated 09/09, a full month before that most recent post.

“Fair and balanced news about the vaping, electronic cigarette, & e-liquid industry. You decide whats the truth.”
Tweets:         3,699
Following:    3,499
Followers:     3,461

Latest Tweet: Oct 18, “WHO congratulates self on banning press, un-mandated tax and protecting cigarettes. (link)

VapinXsmoker was the fourth tweeter we followed, so we’ve been with him for a while. He has almost 100 times the number of tweets as Random Vaper (though we follow others who have more), but not nearly that many more topics. See that last tweet? Go to his profile page and you’ll see that the tweet immediately before it deals with the same subject, and three previous tweets have exactly the same wording. And this isn’t the only time Xsmoker has seemingly repeated tweets. We went back and counted nine tweets worded exactly the same and another four with only slightly different wording that covered the same subject. That made 11 tweets on the same topic. We almost un-followed Xsmoker, until we went back and re-read his profile description. Turns out each of those tweets linked to a different article. So he is living up to his reason for being on Twitter. If you don’t mind your timeline being filled up with what on the surface appears to be a lot of redundancy, and you want to keep up to date with vaping related news, then follow VapinXsmoker.

Tweeting Reviewers
The next three tweeters we follow all have YouTube vaping review channels. The first two work as a team. They’re also neighbors (in a fashion) to us at Seven Report, as they list their location on their Twitter profiles as Atlanta.

“We are Vapeladies. Honest and to the point reviewers. Let us know if you would like a review. Check out our site. Vape on Vapers!”
Tweets:          3,255
Following:    809
Followers:     1,080

Latest Tweet: Oct 14, “It is a freaking #monsoon outside. Be safe everyone! #weatherupdate #weather”

“Down to earth woman who just loves to give her two cents. Professional reviewer of all things vape and then some. Contact us for reviews.”
Tweets:          3,877
Following:         751
Followers:     1,049

Latest Tweet:  Oct 18, “We hope to knock out a few #reviews while on the road 🙂 #vaping #vapelife #vapeladies”

The Vape Ladies are a lot of fun and do some really good reviews. Sure, they occasionally promote their YouTube channel via Twitter, but they also share a good deal of other information and retweet quite often, which gives you an opportunity to find even more people to follow on Twitter.

Ace_VaporAce Vapor
“Youtube review and lover of all things vaping. Always looking for new items to review. Send me your suggestions.”
Tweets:          1,245
Following:     1,971
Followers:     1,092

Latest Tweet: Oct 18, “New review @eliquidoasis espresso. Check it out.

Of all the people we follow on Twitter, we feel like we know Ace the best, at least based on his tweets. Yes, he tweets whenever he’s posted a new review. But he also tweets about life at school, work and home. His reviews are unpretentious, unassuming, honest and to the point. According to his Twitter profile he’s from Michigan, Vape City to be exact.

UK Vapers Tweeting
Somehow we’ve discovered quite a few vapers from the UK on Twitter. They provide some great information, especially when it comes to organizations and individuals in the “public” health arena who are fighting to limit our right to vape. We round out our Seven Vapers Tweeting with two of them. They’re also the only two on our list who don’t follow us on Twitter. Here’s hoping they’ll change their minds about that.

“Online vaping activist, reviewer of Shtuff. Disbeliever of bullshit. No 1 pays me for my thoughts. You get them for free.”
Tweets:          5,917
Following:        195
Followers:        715

Latest Tweet: Oct 15, “VapeMeStoopid Newsletter is here! Please subscribe. Stories via @aiduce @Clive_Bates @drippabox.”

VapeMeStoopid lists her location as “This place or that!” She’s actually a transplanted Yank living in England. She has loads of great information on her blog, and retweets some really good stuff too.

Clive_BatesClive Bates
“What’s the right thing to do? I’ve worked for DECC, Wales, the UN, Environment Agency, Cabinet Office, ASH, Greenpeace & IBM. Now for myself so all views my own.”
Tweets:          4,126
Following:     414
Followers:     3,327

Latest Tweet: Oct 18, “E-cig use rose rapidly until Q3 in 2013 then stalled: (link) Is deceitful public health propaganda frightening smokers away?

Clive lists his location as London/Harare. He’s a vaping apologist and public health expert. He doesn’t tweet exclusively about vaping, but when he does, it’s worth the read. He has written some of the most compelling, intelligent responses to those in “public” health who employ scare-mongering tactics in an attempt to take away our right to vape. I’m glad Clive is on our side.

 So there you have it. Seven Vapers Tweeting. We hope you’ll check out all seven of them. We’re pretty confident that find at least a few of them worthy of following. And again, we’d appreciate you following us as well. Here’s the link to our profile page. And if you follow us, we’ll follow you.


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