Vape Mail From Skull & Raven

It’s our first vape mail! We received four bottles of ejuice from Skull & Raven. They sent us samples from their signature line, the names of each are based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe!

Our first vape mail! Premium ejuice from Skull & Raven.
Our first vape mail! Premium ejuice from Skull & Raven.

Skull & Raven is a pretty new ejuice company. They found us through our Facebook page. We communicated back and forth a little and they were kind enough to send us a bottle of each of their signature series of ejuice. Here’s how they describe each of the flavors:

Nevermore–This decadent flavor combines blackberries and cream with a touch of vanilla to create a truly unique vaping experience perfect for those weak and weary ponderings on dark and dreary nights.

Annabel Lee–Annabel Lee, the love of Poe’s life was a true southern belle. This flavor is a nod to the life and times of Charleston southern belles. We started with a sweet and decadent peaches and cream and added just a dash of champagne for all those aristocratic women of days gone by. This brings together sweet, creamy and tangy like never before.

The Raven–The raven, truly dark and mysterious, was the perfect name for this flavor. Combining two different kinds of chocolate with a nice raspberry zing gives you sweet and sinister all in one satisfying flavor.

Masque of the Red Death–This flavor incorporates a fruity splash of strawberry and cherry with a crisp and bold red wine flavor, offering a taste good enough to die for.

The toughest part having these four great smelling ejuices (we couldn’t resist, we had to open and take a whiff of each of them) is going to be to try and decide which to try first.

Skull & Raven doesn’t have brick-n-mortar store, they only sell their juice online. And they have a pretty impressive list of regular flavors as well. We’ll figure out which flavor to vape first, try it for a tank or two and then start writing (and shooting the video version) our review. Keep checking back. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you’ll get notified that way when the review is online.

Check out Skull & Raven at their website.

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