EVOD 2 Starter Kit Review

Evod 2 Starter Kit













  • Complet Package
  • Affordable
  • Great For Beginners
  • Good Second Unit


  • Limited Features
  • Limited Options
  • Drip Tip Tends To Come Loose

The EVOD2 Starter Kit from Kanger Tech makes an excellent introductory model to vaping, or as a step up from the disposables and convenience store type units. For more seasoned vapers it can still serve as a solid primary device or a great back up.

The EVOD 2 Starter Kit features two of the EVOD 2 bottom dual coil clearomizers. It also includes two batteries, a USB charger with a wall adapter, five replacement coils and an owner’s manual. The only additional purchase you’ll need to make is a bottle of ejuice (or two) and you’re ready to start vaping.

The Evod 2 is comparable in size to a medium-sized cigar or large pen.
The Evod 2 is comparable in size to a medium-sized cigar or large pen.

The EVOD 2 is a tube- or pen-type vaporizer, and is about the same size as a medium-sized cigar or large pen, so it’s easy to stash in a pocket or bag and take with you anywhere.

What’s In The Box

  • 2 X 650mAh Kanger Tech EVOD batteries
  • 2 X EVOD 2 clearomizers
  • 5 X Kanger Tech dual coil replacement coils
  • 1 X EVOD USB charger
  • 1 X wall adapter
  • 1 X owner’s manual

Performance: For what the EVOD 2 is, an introductory device, it performs well. The battery produces a constant output of 3.7 volts to deliver consistent vaping for the duration of its charge. The bottom dual coils provide a generous amount of vapor. The clearomizer holds about 1.6 ml of ejuice, so you’ll probably need to refill the tank before you need to charge the battery.

Features: If there’s any area where we found the EVOD 2 lacking, it was features and options. There just aren’t many bell and whistles. The EVOD 2 ships with a stainless drip tip that is removable, and the clearomizer will accept most 510 drip tips. And Kanger Tech offers this starter kit in black, blue, red, pink, stainless, green, yellow and purple. And that’s it as far as features. No variable wattage or voltage, nothing superfluous, simply a basic, dependable vaping device.

Quality: This is a well built device. It feels solid and durable. The battery holds a charge for a decent day of vaping and the bottom dual coils perform well. The one potential shortcoming in the quality department is that the drip tip will sometime loosen up a little, especially if you haven’t attached it firmly after cleaning or replacing the stock tip.

Looks: The EVOD 2 sports a sleek, modern look. The finish is attractive without being unduly flashy. The colors are rich and don’t show fingerprints or smudges too readily. It wipes clean pretty easily with a dry cloth.

Price/Value: The EVOD 2 Starter Kit usually retails for $49.99. For a kit with this much to offer it’s a great value that should deliver countless hours of vaping satisfaction. You can spend a good deal more for other starter kits or a handful of disposables and not get nearly the same value.

The EVOD 2 Starter Kit is a can’t miss device for anyone who has decided to try vaping. The quality, looks and value will provide vapers of any experience level with an enjoyable introduction to vaping or serve as a great second device once you move onto to something more advanced.

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