iTaste MVP 2 Review

iTaste MVP 2













  • Complet Package
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Compact Size
  • Variable Volts & Watts
  • Portable Power Source


  • Short Power Cable
  • Puff Counter Questionable
  • Edges Could Be Rounder

The iTaste MVP 2 from Innokin is still one of the most popular intermediate mods on the market, even though it’s been available since late 2013, a lifetime ago in the ever evolving world of vaping. It’s in the low end of the mid-price range and feature-rich. New vapers and those still considering making the switch from tobacco may find the iTaste MVP 2 a little pricey and complex for their needs, especially if they haven’t quite decided that vaping is something they’re going to stay committed to. But for those who are solidly sold on vaping, the MVP 2 is about the best choice they can make for an upgrade. We can not recommend it highly enough.

MVP 2 Petals Model

Innokin offers the iTaste MVP 2 in three distinct lines; the standard MVP 2, Shine and Energy. The main difference in the three lines is the graphics and the clearomizer included with each kit. My wife purchased one of the models from the Energy line, Petals, which has colorful, floral-like graphics and includes a matching iClear 16B clearomizer. One of the great things about the MVP 2 is that Innokin ships them with a clearomizer (or two, depending on which line your model comes from). I picked up a model from the standard line in black. It shipped with two iClear 16 dual-top-coil (DTC) clearomizers, which my vape shop (Vapes Gone Wild in Newnan, GA) graciously allowed me to swap out for a single iClear 16B dual-bottom-coil (DBC). The only other purchase you’ll need to make in order to start vaping is some ejuice.

The MVP 2 is a box mod with a built-in 2600MAh rechargeable battery, is 510/Ego threaded, variable voltage (VV) and wattage (VW) with a three-digit LCD display, an ohms meter and puff counter. Innokin gave the MVP 2 passthrough charging capability, which means you can still vape on it while it’s charging, and you can use it to charge your portable electronic devices.

There are three buttons on the MVP 2; the power button on the front of the mod, which also serves to turn the battery on and off with three quick taps, and the “U” and “P” buttons on the side of the box near the LCD display. Pushing either button will first display the puff counter. Push the “U” button and hold it in for three seconds and the current voltage is displayed. Push it again to adjust the voltage in .1 volt increments. The “P” button works the same way, but adjusts the wattage in .5 watt increments. Push in both buttons simultaneously to display the ohms meter, which displays the resistance of the attached clearomizer.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X MVP 2 base unit
  • 1 X USB charger with multi-adapter
  • 1 X Beauty ring
  • 2 X Dual coils (1 already installed)
  • 2 X Innokin iClear 16 DTC clearomizers (Standard models) OR
  • 1 X Innokin iClear 16B DBC clearomizer (Shine and Energy lines)
  • 1 X Owner’s manual

(Here’s our video version of this review)

Performance: The iTaste MVP 2 is a workhorse that allows you to customize your vaping experience and vape for days without worrying about draining the battery. The 2600 mAh battery will hold a charge for about two days of heavy vaping, longer if you vape less. And with its VV/VW and ohms reader, you can customize your vape to your clearomizer. We’ve used the MVP 2 with several clearomizers, the included iTaste 16B, the EVOD 2 and the Kanger Tech Aerotank Mega and had great results with each, lots of flavorful vaper.

Features: Innokin has packed quite a few features into this little box mod. It’s VV from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in increments of .1 volt. You can adjust

The LCD Display & VV/VW Adjustments
The LCD Display & VV/VW Adjustments

the wattage (VW) from 6.0 – 11.0 watts in .5 watt increments. One of the few complaints we’ve read about the MVP 2 is that the VV/VW range is a little limited. The Innokin iTaste SVD does have a bigger range, 3.0 – 6.0 volts and 3.0 – 15.0 watts, but costs significantly more and (in our opinion) has some design issues. For the vast majority of vapers, the MVP 2 offers plenty of variation in both voltage and wattage. The ohms meter is a handy feature that will help you customize your vape to any 510/Ego threaded clearomizer you want to use. The passthrough capability, which means you can vape on the MVP 2 even while it’s charging, and the fact that you can charge other devices from the MVP 2 are features many much higher-priced mods don’t include.

When Innokin introduced the iTaste MVP 2 it was only available in four basic colors; Black, Carbon Fiber, Titanium Blue and Silver. But the standard line was quickly followed by the Energy models in Petals, Hunter, Frost, New Wave and Oak. The iClear 16B clearomizers that ship with the Energy models have matching graphics. And the Shine line gives you even more graphic options to choose from. Shine models are available in four colors; Pink, Green, Purple and Black with four different Swarvoski designs; Skull, Grid, Snowflake and Butterfly.

Quality: This is a solid, dependable mod. The battery lasts forever, providing loads of flavorful vapor. The buttons all function easily and the LCD display is clear and easy to read. There are three minor quality issues with the MVP 2, and they really are relatively minor. The first is that the charging cable is really short, about 21 inches. That makes it difficult to take full advantage of the passthrough feature (vaping while charging) unless you don’t mind sitting right on top your computer or other USB power source. If you want to vape while charging you’ll need to pick up a USB-to-wall-socket adapter and an extension cord.

The second minor issue is probably more one of terminology than actual quality, but it’s a slight annoyance nonetheless. The puff counter (and why does anyone use the term “puff” anyway?) doesn’t actually count puffs. It counts how many times you’ve pushed the power button. If you’re like me, and you take several drags each time you push the power button, your “puffs” are going to be under counted. And the final little issue is that the corners of the MVP 2 could be a little more rounded. This is an extremely minor complaint, but the feel of the unit would be a tad more comfortable, especially if, like me, you hold it for an extended period of vaping while watching TV or sitting around the vape shop chatting.

Looks: It’s a box mod. But it’s a good looking little box mod. The colors are rich, the finish is sleek. And there are so many graphic options that there’s bound to be one to appeal to most every vaper. The inclusion of the beauty ring means that whatever clearomizer you attach to the iTaste MVP 2 is only going to enhance its looks.

Price/Value: We purchased our Innokin iTaste MVP 2 for $59.99 at Vapes Gone Wild in Newnan, GA. It comes with everything you need to vape, except the ejuice. There are other mods out there that have similar features but cost a good deal more and don’t come with a clearomizer, batteries or a charger. And even though it’s not the latest box mod on the market, it’s still one of the most feature-rich, dependable mods of any type, especially in this price range.

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2 is a winner. It’ll satisfy the needs of vapers of any experience level. It may be a little intimidating to someone who is brand new to vaping or who is still thinking about making the switch from tobacco to vaping. But it only took us about four weeks to move up to the MVP 2, a choice we’d recommend to anyone.

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