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One of the best things about publishing Seven Report is the opportunity it gives me to hear from and communicate with vapers from all over the world. I hear from Seven Report readers and viewers through You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, email and the comments section of the website. I try to respond to each comment and question.

From time to time I also like to share some of those comments and questions here, in the hope that they may answer some of your questions.

Runze1975Valentino46 commented on the CASAA National Call To Action video, “I see you’re having the same problem as here in Spain. They even want to ban buying on the Internet. I hope these stupid governments leave the vaping alone. Greetings from Spain.”

I hope these stupid governments leave the vaping alone. Greetings from Spain.

Thanks Runzel. That’s why it’s so important for vapers all over the world to stay informed and actively let our governments know how vital vaping is to public health. I really thought that when Public Health England released that study back in August 2015 it would have been an end to a lot of this. I guess no one in governments in other countries could be bothered reading it though, cause the fight continues.

FI NEBOX Display 01Every time Seven Report reviews a new Kangertech product it generates lots and lots of comments and questions. And that trend continues with our Sneak Peek,Vape Mail and First Look pieces on the Kanger NEBOX. I haven’t yet finished up my testing for the full review of the NEBOX, and I anticipate that will bring even more comments. So I’ll be doing a full NEBOX Q&A piece after the review has been posted.

But for now there are a couple of questions that keep coming up about the NEBOX and one thing I need to clarify. In those earlier pieces I had said that the Subtank coils would not fit the NEBOX. That was incorrect. I double checked with Kanger and they said that yes, those coil will work in the NEBOX. To be sure, I’ve been using one of the Subtank, square style OCC Ni 200 coils in the NEBOX and it works fine.

The second most asked question about the NEBOX concerns the material used in the tank, is it Pyrex or plastic. Again, I checked with Kanger and they told me it’s “PC but will stand up to strong ejuice.”

FI istick tc40w black official 01We heard from Runze1975Valentino46 again, this time about the Eleaf iStick TC40W. She commented on each of those videos. She was wondering about what sort of tank to use with the iStick and wanted to know when the review would be live. On the First Look video she said, “Excellent review. Now I’m really sure to buy the mod.” Then on the full review video she said, “Not bad. After a week I find it a good little mod. And for my first mod I like it. Good review. “For Christmas I may get another model.”

Glad you’re enjoying the iStick Runzel, and I hope you get something really sweet for Christmas.

Stephen Kowalski commented on our First Look at the VaporFi VOX Mini, saying, “I just got one of these. It’s pretty nice, but I don’t like the auto power down on it.”

At first I wasn’t crazy about that feature either, but once I got used to it, it’s no big deal. And it does keep the mod from accidentally firing if you’re carrying it in a pocket or purse and the button gets bumped.

Mocha Latte logo 01Nicholas Flintosh commented on the review of Cloud Chemistry’s Mocha Latte Ejuice, “As a coffee lover, this sounds like a must have, thanks for the review. And thanks for the Stella Blues Vapors give away, I just got my email.”

As a coffee lover, this sounds like a must have, thanks for the review.

Hey Nicholas, I never heard back from you. Let me know if you ever tried that Mocha Latte and if so, how you liked it. And again, congratulations on winning our Stella Blues Vapors 3-Pack of ejuice.

google plus defaultDrea Holcomb commented on the irony of our blu PLUS+ Vape Mail piece coming on the day it did, the day CASAA had named as a national call to action to call the White House and urge the President to get the FDA to change the grandfather date for “deemed tobacco” and allow all vapor products currently on the market to remain without going through the burdensome FDA approval process.

The irony comes from the fact that blu is owned by big tobacco, one of the biggest opponents to open source vape systems and the amazing amount of variety of flavors of ejuice available.

She also commented that like me, blu had been her introduction to vaping, but, also like me, it wasn’t very effective.

JUUL with boxNot long ago I received and reviewed another cigalike kit, the JUUL. Val read the review on the website and we started a little conversation in the comments section. Turns out Val was a 40 year smoker and a friend got her a JUUL kit to help her stop smoking. She fired it up and like the Bruul flavor the best, though she got some ejuice in her mouth like I did. She then went on to ask about the EVOD 2 as a step up from JUUL.

Val, haven’t heard back from you. Let me know if you’re still vaping and what you’re using now. You’re blessed to have a friend that cares enough to buy that JUUL kit for you.

I would never discourage anyone from using a cigalike if that’s what they have already. But if you’re just investigating vaping as a means to quit smoking and haven’t made that first purchase, please check out the reviews of some of the other hardware here on Seven Report. Also visit a local vape shop to see what else is available for you.

Those cigalikes are much better than smoking, but in all honesty, they’re really very inferior to the open source systems. And I’ve never known anyone who started with a blu or JUUL type kit who stayed with it. They either moved up to a more effective vape set up or went back to smoking.

Jared Clyne messaged me on Face Book. He noted that Skull & Raven ejuice is no longer available and wondered if I could recommend another company with similar flavors.

I was very sad to learn that Skull & Raven had ceased operation, I learned about it quite some time ago. They were the very first company to provide review product for Seven Report. And they had a great hook, their signature flavors were all named for and based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

Those signature flavors were quite unique, and I’ve never found any others that quite like them. But I did suggest quite a number of other ejuice lines to Jared. There is a list of all of the companies who provide review product to Seven Report at the bottom of every page of the website. If you’re looking for something new in ejuice I’d suggest you check out some of our reviews and those suppliers’ websites.

Roxy Elizabeth watched one of our earliest reviews, the EVOD2 and said, “Excellent review! It was nice to see you pull apart the device and go over it all. Thank you so much!”

Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth, and for watching that review. I still recommend the EVOD2 as a great starter kit for people just getting into vaping.

Excellent review! It was nice to see you pull apart the device and go over it all. Thank you so much!

Thanks to everyone who reads the website and watches the videos on You Tube and to those who take the time to reach out through those outlets. Please always feel free to contact Seven Report with any questions or comments. You can also reach us through Twitter or Facebook.

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