Kangertech NEBOX Review


MSRP $78.90












  • Massive 10 ml capacity
  • RBA Mini Plus deck
  • Loads of vapor
  • Sleek good looks


  • Temp control at lower wattage settings a little wonky
  • Tank is PC
  • A little ejuice seepage

It’s Kangertech’s first temperature control device, the NEBOX. Packaged as the NEBOX Starter Kit, the mod features an internal 10 ml tank. It will fire Ni 200 and Titanium coils in temperature control mode as well as standard coils in variable wattage mode, though as of this writing Kangertech doesn’t make any Titanium coils, or at least I couldn’t find any listed anywhere.

The kit ships with two of Kanger’s new SSOCC (stainless steel organic cotton coil), a 0.15 ohm Ni 200 coil installed, and a 0.5 ohm standard coil. It also comes with a Mini RBA Plus deck with a pre-wrapped coil installed and one spare.

FI NEBOX Display 01In temperature mode the NEBOX has a range of 100° – 300°C and 200° – 600°F. Its variable wattage range is 7 – 60 watts. In temperature control mode it can fire Ni 200 or Titanium coils with a resistance as low as 0.15 ohm. The NEBOX will handle standard coils with a resistance of 0.3 ohm or higher, but when you get above 1.3 ohm it won’t be able to reach that 60 watts maximum.

The suggested wattage range on the Ni 200 coil is 15 – 50 watts. The standard SSOCC has a range of 15 – 60 watts. I’ll talk a little more about that wattage range in a bit, it’s going to affect performance in temperature control mode. At least it has in my experience with the NEBOX.

This is the most complex mod Kangertech has released to date, and the set up may seem a little intimidating, at least at first. The manual isn’t written in the most concise English, which doesn’t help. But after reading through it and then referring back to it, setting up the NEBOX isn’t all that difficult.

NEBOX showing bottom 01There are two caps on the bottom of the NEBOX. You’ll need a screwdriver or coin to the open the battery cap, which is a minor inconvenience. But since you can charge the 18650 battery that powers the NEBOX (not included) while it’s in the device, once you insert a battery you shouldn’t have to bother with it very often. You can also continue to vape on the NEBOX while the battery is charging.

The other cap opens to reveal the tank and the coil. You insert the coil into the base of the cap and simply fill the tank via the opening. Again, this is a built-in, internal tank that you can not remove to clean. That means that switching flavors of ejuice is going to be a little messier than with most stand alone tanks. The best way I’ve found is to simply hod the NEBOX upright over a sink and let any remaining ejuice drip out. Then I twist up a dry paper towel and swab out the tank best as I can. There’s going to be a little lingering flavor from the old ejuice, but not much more than I get with stand alone tanks.

The NEBOX will allow you to program six presets, four for temperature control mode and two for variable wattage mod. With the NEBOX turned off, press and hold the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time. The screen will then display the presets, labeled “M1” – “M6”. The temperature setting for preset M1 will be flashing. Use the “+” or “-” button to select your desired temperature and then press the fire button. The wattage setting will then begin to flash. Again, use the “+” and “-” buttons to set your desired maximum wattage and then press the fire button.

Continue in this fashion for presets M2 – M4. If you don’t wish to change any of the settings simply press the fire button to continue through the menu. On presets M5 and M6 the screen will read “TOFF” for temperature control off and the wattage setting will be flashing. To change the preset wattage use the “+” and “-” buttons and then press the fire button. Once you’ve programmed your presets the LCD will give you option of flipping the display 180°.

When you’re satisfied with your settings turn the NEBOX on by pressing the fire button five times. Then press the fire button three times to select the type of coil you have installed, Ni 200, Titanium or standard (W-Mode). Use the “+” and “-” buttons to scroll between those choices and the fire button to make your selection.

To choose one of your temperature control or variable wattage presets, hold down the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to scroll between the options and press the fire button to select a preset. Remember, temperature control mode will only function with an Ni 200 or Titanium coil installed.

In temperature control mode you can still adjust your temperature setting, regardless of the preset you’ve selected. Simply adjust temperature with the “+” and “-” buttons. But you will not be able to adjust the maximum wattage in temperature control mode without selecting or adjusting a preset. In my experience with the NEBOX that maximum wattage setting places a crucial role in the performance of the device in temperature control mode, but I’ll address in more detail in the Performance section of this review. In variable wattage mode you can similarly adjust the wattage with the “+” and “-” buttons.

NEBOX contents logo sideWhat’s In The Box

  • 1 X NEBOX
  • 1 X POM drip tip
  • 1 X 0.15 ohm Ni 200 SSOCC
  • 1 X 0.5 ohm standard SSOCC
  • 1 X RBA Mini Plus base with installed coil
  • 1 X Spare RBA coil
  • 1 X Package of organic Japanese cotton
  • 1 X Screwdriver
  • 4 X RBA screws
  • 1 X Micro USB cable
  • 1 X User’s manual

PERFORMANCE: The NEBOX is Kangertech’s first temperature control device, but it’s not mine, so I do have a frame of reference for the performance of this mod. In temperature control mode there is a slight delay between pushing the fire button and the mod actually firing the coil to vaporize ejuice. This delay is longer the lower you have your maximum wattage set.

At 30 watts the delay is long enough to make you think that maybe you haven’t actually hit the fire button. At 45 watts the delay is significantly shorter, and at 60 watts that delay disappears. But here’s the real problem, Kangertech’s Ni 200 coils, both the new SSOCC models and the older Subtank variety OCC (which will work in the NEBOX) have a maximum wattage rating of 50 watts. And they weren’t kidding about that. I used both the SSOCC Ni 200 that came with the NEBOX and fired it at 60 watts. It worked, but it didn’t last very long. Using one of the square OCC Ni 200 coils I got the same results on the delay, but didn’t fire it at that max of 60 watts.

NEBOX white-black 01The other minor issue with performance of the NEBOX is battery life. The NEBOX is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included). I’ve only been getting about a work day, 8 – 10 hours, on a fully charged battery. And that’s regardless of the mode, temperature control or variable wattage.

Other than those two issues, which cost the NEBOX some points but are not deal breakers, this is solid performing device. It puts out lots of vapor. And it fires when you I hit the button, though at lower wattage settings in temperature control there is that pesky delay.

FEATURES: It took Kanger a while to get into the temperature control market. But when they did they gave their first TC device, the NEBOX, loads of features. Temperature control, variable wattage to 60 watts, the ability to set maximum wattage in temperature control mode (something not all TC mods have) and those six programmable presets are all valuable features.

The LCD is bright, if a little small, and gives you all the information you need at glance, including battery level, selected wattage and/or temperature and clear indication of which mode you’re in. Setting what type of coil you’re using is also quick and easy.

Kangertech put the micro USB on the side of the unit, making it possible to stand the NEBOX upright while you charge it overnight. And you can also continue vaping while it’s charging.

That massive 10 ml capacity is another plus. Fill the tank at the start of the day and you don’t need to worry about running out of ejuice before lunch. This makes the NEBOX an excellent choice for a long road trip, when the need to refill always seems to come while you’re cruising down the road at 60 mph.

NEBOX Colors 01With its four color options, white, black, blue and red, there’s a NEBOX to meet just about any fashion trend setter’s needs. What the NEBOX doesn’t have is airflow control. Airflow comes the bottom of the device, via the cap for the tank. That gives it an amazingly airy draw.

QUALITY: The NEBOX is a solid device, made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. The tank is poly carbonate and the drip tip is POM. The threading on both the battery cap and the cap for the tank is smooth and easy.

Everything on the NEBOX is flush and solid. It feels substantial in my hand. The buttons function well, the LCD is bright. The whole unit seems like a high quality kit. One little issue I’ve had is a tiny bit of ejuice seepage, more like “sweating” from that cap. It’s not consistent and it’s never been much ejuice escaping. But it has happened enough that I had to mention it.

LOOKS: Since Kangertech introduced their very first mod, the original 40 watt KBOX, they have really upped their game when it comes to appearance. The NEBOX is a beautiful piece of equipment. The colors are glossy, the lines are striking. It’s fits easily in my hand and feels good, those curved sides making it comfortable to hold for long vaping sessions.

PRICE/VALUE: Kangertech lists the NEBOX at $78.90. That’s $4 less than the original MSRP on the SUBOX Mini, and the Subtank Mini (packaged along with the KBOX Mini) had a capacity of only 4.5 ml and the KBOX Mini had a top wattage of 50 watts and did not have temperature control. Those facts alone make the NEBOX a solid value. DirectVapor, a Seven Report advertiser, lists the NEBOX at $64.95. That makes it a bargain.

NEBOX black 01The NEBOX isn’t perfect. But I have yet to find any device that is. It’s a solid performer, if a little sluggish in temperature control mode. The tank is PC. And you may experience a tad of ejuice seepage from time to time. But none of those issues, either alone or collectively, outweigh the positives the NEBOX offers.

Temperature control, up to 60 watts of power, a 10 ml capacity and the inclusion of that RBA Mini Plus deck all make the NEBOX a worthy addition to any vaper’s collection. If you’re looking for your first temperature control device, the NEBOX deserves serious consideration.

I have a 12+ hour road trip coming up for the holidays, and I’ll be depending on that 10 ml capacity of the NEBOX to get me all the way there and back.

I’ve been using the Kangertech NEBOX for about two weeks. I’ve vaped a number of different flavors of ejuice in it, and used the SSOCC Ni 200 coil and Kanger’s square Subtank style OCC Ni 200 coil in temperature control mode and the SSOCC standard coil in variable wattage mode. Kangertech provided the NEBOX Starter Kit for the purpose of this review.

directvapor 01

Order from DirectVapor for $64.95.

kangertech logo 01

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      What I’ve been doing is opening up the tank and allowing any remaining ejuice to drip out into the sink. Then I twist the end of a dry paper towel and stick in there as far as it will go and spin it around. Then I sit the NEBOX upright on the paper towel (with the tank still open) to allow any residue to soak into the towel. I really haven’t noticed any problem doing it this way, flavor of the old ejuice doesn’t linger any longer than with other tanks, it’s just what remains soaked into the cotton of the coil.

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