Seven Flavors, Seven Companies

Variety can be a two-edged sword, especially when it comes to ejuice flavors. Maybe you’d like to try a new flavor, but there are just so many to choose from, where do you start? I see it all the time in vape shops. A customer comes in and wants something a little different from their everyday vape. They look at the menu and their eyes begin to glaze over. So many choices.

In an effort to introduce you to some flavors you may not have tried yet, Seven Report presents:

7 Flavors 01 bottlesSeven Flavors from Seven Companies. These are all ejuices that have been reviewed on Seven Report. I’ve chosen one flavor from each of seven different suppliers. These are not necessarily my favorite flavors from these ejuice makers, but they are flavors that I’ve really enjoyed. I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple that’ll become new favorites of your own. And I encourage you try a few of them from flavor families that may not be in your regular rotation.

Here they are, listed in reverse alphabetical order by the name of the company that supplied the samples for Seven Report to review.

cinanutz bottle1. Vapes Gone Wild Cinantuz. “Creamy robust cinnamon Danish with a nutty undertone.” This is one of the newest flavors on the Vapes Gone Wild menu, and just about my favorite from this company, which happens to be my local vape shop. The cinnamon flavor is predominant on the inhale, along with nutty undertones. It’s like cinnamon-honey roasted almonds or a cinnamon Danish with sliced almonds on top. It’s full-bodied with a creamy finish and a wonderful aroma.

Blonde Bombshell bottle2. V8P Juice International Blonde Bombshell. “Our signature triple vanilla flan custard eliquid with hints of Bavarian cream and a light essence of caramel.” V8P Juice ejuices are all plant based. The PG is made from non-GMO corn. Blonde Bombshell has an intense vanilla flavor with notes of Bavarian cream and a light essence of caramel on the exhale. The vapor is smooth and warm, like fresh off the stove vanilla pudding.

gooey butter cake-slice3. Stella Blues Vapors Gooey Butter Cake. “A buttery cakey tone with rich undertones of creamy custard flavors.” I’ve tried an awful lot of ejuice from Stella Blues Vapors and all of it has been delicious. I especially appreciate their bakery flavors. And Gooey Butter Cake is one of their best. On the inhale there’s a distinct buttery flavor, silky, smooth and creamy. That combines with a slightly sweet cake taste and on the exhale a hint of custard. This really tastes like the St. Louis specialty for which it’s named. It’s part of their sub ohm line.

Slice Bottle4. Royal Heights Vapor Slice. “Apples, apples and more apples layered with a flaky, buttery crust and topped with a hint of cinnamon.” I was only recently introduced to Royal Heights Vapor, a brother and sister founded company out of South Carolina, and I’m glad I was. The primary flavor of Slice, as you may have guessed from the description, apple. It’s mainly sweet baked apples with just a tease of a tarter variety in there. A mild cinnamon note is present on the inhale and on the exhale there’s more sweet apple and the note of light flaky crust.

sweet lava logo5. Dura Smoke Sweet Lava. “Rumchata and fireball…enough said.” I was introduced to Dura Smoke by another vendor, American eLiquid Store, who also carries their own line of ejuice. Over the past few months I’ve tried quite a few Dura Smoke flavors and Sweet Lava is without a doubt my favorite. It’s an excellent blend of flavors. This is cinnamon done right, light, a little sweet and warm. It helps to bring out the other flavors in the mix, that horchata/runchata/chai latte blend. And those tastes are rich, creamy and smooth. The aroma is reminiscent of a Latte with a touch of cinnamon. Sweet Lava is from the Dura Smoke Premium Blend line.

drip clouds frnch toast 016. Drip Clouds French Toast. “Just like Momma used to make! A warm, toasty vape, with nice custard, complete with cinnamon and maple syrup.” Drip Clouds bills their ejuice as “Competition Level,” it’s made for dripping at high power. But it tastes great in a tank too. French Toast is a deliciously complex flavor. The primary flavor is maple, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s buttery smooth with a nutty note on the inhale. On the exhale there’s a slight cinnamon undertone. The taste is authentic French toast made with care.

AES Cherry Cheesecake strawberries7. American eLiquid Store Cherry Cheesecake. “As indulgent as the real thing. It’s the perfect blend of fruit flavor and a smooth, creamy pastry.” American eLiquid Store doesn’t only sell ejuice and hardware from other companies, they also have their own line of ejuice. Their Cherry Cheesecake has an authentic cheesecake taste, creamy and rich. The cherry serves to enhance the overall experience, just as it should on a good cheesecake. The cherry flavor is unmistakable but light. The cheesecake note is especially noticeable on the exhale, smooth and creamy.

I encourage to try a couple of ejuices. They represent some of the finest flavors to appear in Seven Report reviews. They’re from ejuice makers from California, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Florida, South Carolina and right here in my town, Newnan, Georgia. But they’re all available online, so it doesn’t where you are, you can get any or all of them.

You can learn more about ejuice by clicking on the titles, that will take you to the Seven Report review of that flavor. To get to each company’s website, just click the company name in the description of each flavor.

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