Two Box Vape Mail

It’s raining ejuice up in here! Two packages today in the mailbox, which my mail carrier had to rubber band shut! There was a package from Stella Blues Vapors and one from American eLiquid Store. Nine bottles of ejuice and a Kamry K1000 Epipe.

American eLiquid Store sent the complete menu from the brand new Dura Smoke premium line, Nine2Five. This line was developed and is owned by Dura Smoke employees who “wanted to create a line that spoke to those that have a Nine2Five job and love to vape.” The flavors in the Nine2Five line are:

Dura Smoke 9-5 bottlesDay Shift:  Do you like sunrises…in Mexico? How about a Tequila Sunrise…the drink? We’ve combined an amazing orange with a cherry and cranberry mix creating this truly unique vape. This is a sweet and tart vape and tastes great dripping or in a tank.

Night Shift: Have you ever tried the after dinner cocktail called a Grasshopper? Well this is better! It’s sweet, it’s chocolaty and has the perfect amount of mint and cream. Amazing in the tank and mind blowing when you drip!

The Grind: Coffee flavors can be a hit or miss but this one is a homerun. This isn’t quite a coffee…because we’v made it with the sweet taste of Bailey’s! That’s right…Irish coffee you can vape! This has a great coffee flavor mixed with a sweet cream and caramel mix.

Happy Hour: The perfect after work drink…or vape. This is a margarita with a splash of pomegranate and berries. Wait until you try this amazing blend of flavors! You get the sweetness of the blended fruits with the tartness and lime of a margarita. Great in the tank or dripping!

The entire Dura Smoke Nine2Five premium blend line of ejuice is available now from American eLiquid Store.

SBV 04-29-15 bottlesAnd from Stella Blues Vapors, five ejuice flavors so new that only one of them is currently on the Stella Blues Vapors  ejuice menu.

El Capognac: Poppa Stella’s version of an Al Capone cigar. This flavor is currently available on the Stella Blues Vapors website.

Fruity Pants: The juicemasters long awaited version of the classic: Fruit Loops.

Admiral Crunch: Stella’s remix of Cap’n Crunch berries cereal.

Maia Papaya: An all day prominent papaya eliquid to quench the taste buds during a hot/cool summer day.

Burning Wicks: Juiceman’s crafty mixture of gooey strawberry butter cake topped off with a creamy milkshake vape.

Check out Stella Blues Vapors website for El Capognac. I’ll update you on when the other flavors are scheduled to debut in the upcoming in depth reviews on Seven Report.

Kamry K1000 contentsStella Blues Vapors also included a Kamry K1000 Epipe, a very cool looking mod in the shape of a pipe. It comes in a neat carrying case with two batteries and a battery charger. Ill be reviewing this soon.

In the next few weeks I’ll have in depth reviews of everything in today’s vape mail. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook (and I hope you do), you’ll be notified that way of when the reviews are live.

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