French Toast EJuice Review

French Toast




Taste Authenticity









  • Authentic flavor
  • Plenty of vapor
  • Wonderful aroma


  • Max VG and (relatively) low nicotine level don't produce much of a throat hit

French toast was something of a treat when I was growing up; reserved for lazy Saturday mornings or those days when school had been cancelled because of heavy north Jersey snowstorms. My mom never fixed it when we were in a hurry to get somewhere. She always saved it for the rare occasion when we could linger around the table as a family, enjoying one another’s company.

French toast, the food, has been around for centuries, showing up in recipe books from as early as the 4th century. It’s a pretty simple recipe, beat some eggs, add a little milk, maybe some vanilla or cinnamon and then soak slices of bread in the mixture and fry them up. Dust them with a little powdered sugar, slather them in butter and pour on some syrup or fruit. Delicious.

The recipe has rather humble beginnings. In France they call it “pain perdu” or “lost bread,” suggesting that it was first employed as a means of making edible bread that was, or was on the verge of becoming, stale.

For such a simple treat it’s amazing how many different recipes there are, and how many variations there are on how to serve it. I prefer my French toast with lots of butter and hot maple syrup. My brother would spread peanut butter on his. It’s equally amazing, given the simplicity of the basic ingredients, how easy it is to get French toast wrong.

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     12 MG
PG/VG Ratio       Max VG

It would seem, to me at least, a rather daunting challenge for an ejuice maker to develop a juice based on such a flavor. Dripclouds developed their French Toast, according to their website, in direct response to “a reviewer’s challenge to make a great French toast dripping vape. This one came into its own after just two weeks of steeping. Surely you’ve never tasted anything like it. You won’t want to waste a drop of this max VG ejuice.”

French Toast from Dripclouds is a deliciously complex flavor. The primary taste is maple, but it’s not overwhelming. There’s a buttery smoothness to this ejuice. On the inhale there’s the hint of something a little nutty, maybe pecan. And on the exhale just the faintest nuance of something else, perhaps a dash of cinnamon. The taste is authentic, the simple pleasure of French toast mixed by someone who takes the extra time to add just a little something extra to make their recipe unique.

The aroma is that of French toast, with butter melting under a layer of maple syrup, warm and inviting. Dripclouds designed French Toast, and all of their ejuices, for dripping and clouding at high power. They’re all max VG, so they produce lots and lots of vapor. The only trade off is that all of that VG and the low nicotine levels (the max they offer is 12 MG) produces a very mild throat hit.

drip clouds frnch toast 03I’m not a dripper, so I vaped French Toast in an Aspire Nautilus Mini powered by an Eleaf iStick, and the flavor was amazing. So don’t let the fact that this juice was designed to be dripped keep you from trying it. I vaped it all day for four or five days with no flavor fatigue. I would have vaped it longer, but I totally finished off the bottle. This is an ejuice that’s enjoyable at any time of day. The flavor is enhanced when vaped with a strong cup of coffee.

Dripclouds offers French Toast in 30 ml bottles (your choice of amber, blue or clear) for $17.99 and 15 ml bottles for $10.01. Available nicotine levels are 0 through 12 MG in 3 MG increments. Each batch of French Toast is steeped for a minimum of 30 days before it’s released for sale. Dripclouds provided the bottle of French Toast I tried for the purpose of this review.

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Order French Toast online from Dripclouds.

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