Plussd Supplement EJuice Line Recap

Innovations come very quickly in the vape world. It seems like almost as soon as Seven Report publishes a review on the latest piece of hardware there are two or more newer items coming onto the market. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. And while new hardware technology gets most of the attention, there have been some innovations in ejuice.

Plussd is a new line of premium supplement infused ejuice. They’re not only supplement ejuice on the market, but they are different. Their website says, “While there are ejuices on the market that offer supplement effects, Plussd is no simple vitamin C vape. Our infusions contain multiple supplements perfectly balanced to get the right effect and minimal taste impact. We don’t add a couple of drops of vitamins to our eliquids, we scientifically formulate them from the ground up.”

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The supplements in Plussd have been developed to replace “energy drinks, relaxation teas, or anything in between.” They use “pharmaceutical grade supplements in quantities that will actually have an effect on you. Every person’s experience with supplements varies, but our supplement blends absorb more efficiently into your bloodstream than by traditional ingestion, allowing for a similar effect to similar supplements, in an all together better delivery method.”

There are three flavors in the Plussd line, each one “paired with a single supplement effect, and the flavor profile is intended to reflect the supplement effect of that blend.” I’ve vaped and reviewed each flavor (to get to those reviews simply click on the name of each flavor below). This recap is meant to give you all of the pertinent information about the Plussd line in one place. Each flavor is mixed in a different PG/VG ratio. The bottles I vaped were all 0 MG of nicotine.

I’m not a supplement guy, I’ve just never felt the need to use them. And energy drinks, coffee and relaxation teas don’t seem to have much of an effect on me. So I didn’t have much of a frame of reference for supplements when I vaped the Plussd ejuices. To be honest, they didn’t seem to have an effect on me. But American eLiquid Store, who provided the Plussd line for review, says, “Supplement vapers will have best results when they vape supplements regularly over long periods of time.”

FI Plussd Flow bottle officialFlow: A cotton candy flavor designed to heighten focus and energy. The official flavor description says Flow is, “lightly reminiscent of Red Bull (believe it or not, most people think Red Bull tastes like cotton candy!)”

The supplement description says Flow was, “designed to help you keep from getting derailed. Names like Galantamine and Noopept might not be household, but they should be.”

This is the most subdued of all of the Plussd flavors. It’s slightly sweet with a hint of berries. PG/VG Ratio: 35/65.

FI-Plussd Calm bottle officialCalm: This is a warm vanilla flavor that includes relaxation supplements. Plussd says Calm, “is intended to help you take things down a notch. We started with a warm vanilla that will put you at ease and delight your taste buds with a rich and creamy flavor…we’ve added some of the top relaxation supplements on the market today, to help you let go of the tension and take things easy.”

Calm has a creamy vanilla flavor with just a hint of those supplements in the mix. The flavor is a little light, but definitely vanilla. PG/VG Ratio: 23/77.

Plussd Lift bottle officialLift: A blue citrus flavor with energy supplements. This was my favorite ejuice on the Plussd menu. They describe the flavor, “A lightly sweet blend of citrus fruits and sweetness that will keep your taste buds begging for another taste.”

The supplement description says, “Our Lift blend is a who’s who of supplements to boost mood and energy…Lift won’t leave you jittery or hit you with a crash, it’s everything you want, and nothing you don’t.”

Lift incorporates a slightly sweet, slightly tangy blend of citrus with a hint of sweet blueberry. PG/VG Ratio: 49/51.

If you’re a supplement users who vapes, the Plussd line is sure to have a flavor and supplement blend just for you.

American eLiquid Store offers the entire Plussd line in 30 ml bottles for $29.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, and 6 MG.

I vaped Warm and Lift in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid tank on a VaporFi VOX Mini and I vaped Flow in a Kangertech Subtank Nano on the Innokin Disrupter. American eLiquid Store provided the Plussd ejuice line for the purpose of Seven Report reviews.

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Order any or all of the Plussd line from American eLiquid Store.

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