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Taste Authenticity









  • Silky smooth vapor
  • Mild throat hit
  • Relaxing aroma


  • Doesn't stand up to high heat
  • Mild flavor

Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors. I’ve said that before here on Seven Report. There’s something simple, yet sophisticated about a good vanilla. It’s smooth, creamy, lightly sweet. Whether it’s used as complement to another flavor or serves as the primary taste, vanilla is a flavor I will rarely turn down.

When I opened the shipment of Plussd supplement infused ejuice from American eLiquid store I was happy to see a bottle of Calm, a vanilla flavored ejuice. The Plussd website describes Calm saying, “Our Warm Vanilla flavor is a rich and creamy delight that will remind you of cookies baking in the kitchen. It’s a full bodied vape that is a perfect compliment to a nice relaxing evening. It’s a flavor that’s not too complex, and not too simple, perfect for an all day vape, or to pair with your favorite warm drink after a long hard day.”

They describe the supplement blend in Calm, “From start to finish, our Calm blend is intended to help you take things down a notch. We started with a Warm Vanilla flavor that will put you at ease and delight your taste buds with a rich and creamy flavor that will remind you of sinking into a big, comfy couch. From there, we’ve added some of the top relaxation supplements on the market today, to help you let go of the tension and take things easy.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      0 MG
PG/VG Ratio         23/77

Calm is unmistakably a vanilla flavored ejuice. On the inhale it’s slightly sweet, rich and creamy. That smooth, light flavor remains throughout the exhale. The vapor itself is almost silky in its smoothness. The throat hit is very mild, though that can be explained in part by the absence of nicotine. Calm has an authentic vanilla aroma that adds to the relaxing nature of this vape.

Plussd Calm card 01I vaped Calm for about three days and found it enjoyable and relaxing. I’m not sure how much of that was due to the natural tendency of vanilla to relax me or what the American eLiquid Store website describes as, “a powerful blend of supplements matched with a rich and relaxing vanilla flavor to give you a really good reason to let go of the stress and just enjoy!”

I’ve vaped quite a few vanilla ejuices, some of them are among my favorites. Calm is not the purest vanilla flavor I’ve sampled, possibly due to that “powerful blend of supplements.” But it is enjoyable, and better tasting than some I’ve had. It was especially good with a hot cup of coffee. If you enjoy vanilla ejuice and use supplements, you’re going to find Calm ejuice tasty and relaxing.

Plussd Calm card 02If you’ve never vaped a supplement ejuice you need to know that the American eLiquid store website warns that they “do not react well to extremely high heat, as supplement ingredients are much more delicate than many flavoring ingredients and nicotine. For this reason, we do notrecommend using Plussd Supplement Eliquids in RDA style ‘drippers’. They will, however, perform outstanding in any kind of tank system.”

Calm ejuice is available from American eLiquid Store in 30 ml bottles for $29.99. Nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, and 6 MG. Calm comes mixed in a 23/73 PG/VG ratio. I vaped calm in a VaporFi Volt hybrid tank powered by a VaporFi VOX mini mod. American eLiquid Store provided the bottle of Calm I tested for the purpose of this review.

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