Lift EJuice Review





Taste Authenticity









  • Juicy flavor
  • Complex blend of citrus
  • Pleasant aroma


  • Blueberry flavor a little subdued
  • Flavor of the supplements while not overpowering, are present

What is it about citrus that makes it so appealing in the morning? Orange juice and grapefruit juice are almost synonymous with breakfast. And at what other time of the day would you eat half a grapefruit? There’s something about that sweetly tart nature of most citrus fruit that almost slaps you awake and braces you to face whatever the day may hold.

Sure, there are other times of day when you might enjoy some citrus. A cool glass of lemonade or a couple of orange slices make a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Citrus seems to have that ability to energize. That may be why Plussd decided to use citrus as the primary flavor in its Lift supplement infused ejuice. Lift is loaded with energy supplements.

Plussd Lift card 01The Plussd website says, “True energy supplements are more than B vitamins and caffeine. Why not turn your all day vape into your energy solution. Our lift blend is a who’s who of supplements to boost mood and energy, wrapped in a delicious Blue Citrus flavor you’ll want to vape on all day long. Our balanced Lift blend won’t leave you jittery or hit you with a crash, it’s everything you want, and nothing you don’t.”

They describe the flavor profile of Lift, “Our Blue Citrus is a refreshing and envigorating blend without the sour and chalky notes overly citrusy vapes can fall prey to. It’s a lightly sweet blend of citrus fruits and sweetness that will keep your taste buds begging for another taste. Pairs well with cold drinks and high activity.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level    0 MG
PG/VG Ratio      49/51

Lift is definitely a citrus based ejuice, and that becomes obvious on the inhale. There’s a slightly sweet, slightly tangy blend of citrus that’s juicy and complex. There’s also a hint of something else, and that something else moves closer to the front of the taste on the exhale, it’s the lightly sweet flavor of blueberry.

Plussd Lift card 02The vapor is on the cool side, rather smooth. Lift has a very mild throat hit, at least the bottle I vaped did, but that may be mostly due to its 0 MG of nicotine. The aroma is sweet, fruity and appealing. Several people commented on how good it smelled and asked me what I was vaping.

I vaped Lift for about three days and found it refreshing and enjoyable. The American eLiquid Store website says that Lift is “a delicate combination of natural supplement flavors, blueberry and citrus.” Those supplement flavors have a negligible affect on the overall taste, but they are in there.

I didn’t notice any obvious affects on my energy level from the supplements in Lift, but then again, coffee and other energy enhancing substances don’t seem to affect me much either. So you may very well see different results.

For fans of juicy sweet citrus ejuice and those who use energy supplements or energy drinks will find Lift an ejuice that you can vape all day.

Plussd Lift bottle officialAmerican eLiquid Store offers Lift in 30 ml bottles for $29.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG and 6 MG. Lift comes ina 49/51 PG/VG ratio mix.

I vaped Lift in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid tank powered by a VaporFi VOX Mini mod. American eLiquid Store provided the bottle of Lift I sampled for the purpose of this review.

aes new logoOrder Lift from American eLiquid Store.

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