Nine2Five EJuice Line Recap

At the end of April, Seven Report received an amazing amount of ejuice for review. Among those shipments, the entire menu from a new line of ejuice, Nine2Five. I recently finished up the reviews of all of those ejuices, including the Nine2Five premium line. Whenever I get all of the flavors in a particular line I like to present a recap report, to give you all of the pertinent information on that line in one handy location.

DuraSmoke is in the process of adding new lines to its ejuice distribution list, and Nine2Five is one of the newest. It’s a DuraSmoke employee owned line. The sales and marketing team at DuraSmoke wanted to create a line especially for vapers who hold down nine-to-five jobs. The DuraSmoke staff is in contact with hundreds of shops every week and that gives them a unique insight into the kinds of flavors people want. The Nine2Five line is made up of strong flavors that do really well when vaped in a tank and really pop when dripped.

durasmoke distribution bannerAmerican eLiquid Store carries many of the ejuice lines distributed by DuraSmoke, including Nine2Five. They provided these four flavors to Seven Report for review.

An in-depth review of each flavor in the Nine2Five has already been posted on Seven Report. There are links to each of those reviews below. I’m presenting the pertinent information on each flavor here in recap form for your convenience. I do hope you’ll go back and read the individual reviews.

nine2five Day Shift official bottleDay Shift:  A bright, fresh clean vape with a primary flavor of sweet juicy orange and creamy finish. DuraSmoke describes Day Shift saying, “Do you like sunrises…in Mexico? How about a Tequila Sunrise…the drink? We’ve combined an amazing orange with a cherry and cranberry mix creating this truly unique vape. This is a sweet and tart vape and tastes great dripping or in the tank.”

They list the flavor profile as orange, sweet, cherry and citrus. You can order Day Shift from American eLiquid Store.

nine2five Night Shift official bottleNight Shift: A creamy, smooth, slightly sweet chocolate-mint blend ejuice. Night Shift tastes more like the Grasshopper drink than a candy. It has a very mild and short-lived minty aftertaste. The DuraSmoke website describes Night Shift, “Have you ever tried the after dinner cocktail called a Grasshopper? Well this is better! It’s sweet, it’s chocolaty and has the perfect amount of mint and cream. Amazing in the tank and mind blowing when you drip.”

Night Shift’s flavor profile is listed as chocolate, mint and cream. Night Shift is available from American eLiquid Store.

The Grind 9-2-5 official bottleThe Grind: This is an intensely dark, full-bodied nuanced vape that’s “not quite a coffee.” It is a satisfying caramel, cream, coffee blend. The DuraSmoke website says of The Grind, “Coffee flavors can be a hit or miss but this one is a homerun. This isn’t quite a coffee…because we’ve made it with the sweet taste of Bailey’s! That’s right…Irish coffee you can vape! This has a grat coffee flavor mixed with a sweet cream and caramel mix.”

The flavor profile of The Grind is coffee, caramel and cream. It’s available for order from American eLiquid Store.

nine2five happy hour official bottleHappy Hour: A wonderfully complex, full-bodied vape with a dominant lemon note but also undertones of slightly sweet berries, pomegranate and orange. The DuraSmoke website describes Happy Hour as, “The perfect after work drink…or vape. This is a margarita with a splash of pomegranate and berries. Wait until you try this amazing blend of flavors! You get the sweetness of the blended fruits with the tartness and lime of a margarita. Great in the tank or dripping!”

Happy Hour’s flavor profile is listed as pomegranate, berry, tart, citrus and margarita. You can order it from American eLiquid Store.

Every flavor on the Nine2Five menu is delicious and true to its description. They are all richly flavored, nuanced and distinctive. American eLiquid Store offers each of them in a 15 ml glass dripper bottle for $12.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG and 18 MG. All of the flavors in the Nine2Five come in a Max VG mix.

I vaped each flavor for several days before reviewing them. I vaped them in a Kangertech Subtank Plus on an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt mod. American eLiquid Store provided the entire Nine2Five line of premium ejuices for the purpose of Seven Report reviews.

aes new logoYou can order any or all of the Nine2Five line from American eLiquid Store.

(For details on Seven Report review methodology click here.)

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