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A few weeks ago I got an email from James at He’s been collaborating with an ejuice company, to develop some flavors and wanted Seven Report to review them. As always, I told him I’d be happy to help. That ejuice arrived today!

Alternate Cig has two distinct lines of ejuice, and sent one from the first and two from the second for Seven Report to review.

Alternate Cig mail bottles 01Alternate Cig, which contains more classic flavors. I received Hypno from this line. It’s a cinnamon Danish swirl, caramel and double chocolate flavor.

Vapors Anonymous, which is a gourmet line of unique blends of flavor infusions. From this line I received The Sponsor, a blend of green apple, juicy center of peach and more fruit. And then there’s VapeAholic-Fruity Delight, a blueberry, strawberry and banana smoothie mix.

Alternate Cig is offering a special for Seven Report readers and viewers, you can get 20% off when you enter the code “YouTube20”.

I’ll vape each of these flavors over the course of the next week or so and then post an individual in-depth review on each. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Face Book you’ll be notified that way when the reviews are up.

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Find out about these ejuices and more at

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