Kangertech Tank Vape Mail

Three tanks from Kangertech and Arymi arrived today, courtesy of our friends at Kangertech. Actually, this shipment came from Kangertech US, who contacted Seven Report last week about continuing to supply products for review.

As it turns out, we have or are in the process of reviewing all of these tanks either individually or as part of a kit. Here’s what came in this latest shipment.

Arymi GillE Tank: This was the first product from Arymi. We reviewed it in early August (here). It’s also available as part of the Gil Kit, along with the Arymi Pro-One Mod. We’ve published a First Look on the kit (here), and will soon publish a full, in-depth review.

Arymi Armor Tank: This tank is offered as an individual piece of equipment and as part of the Arymi Armor Kit with the Armor Mod. We reviewed that kit just a couple of weeks ago (here).

Kangertech Juppi Tank: Like the other two tanks in this shipment, the JUPPI is offered individually or as part of a kit, the JUPPI Starter Kit which also includes the JUPPI Mod. We published a First Look at that kit (here), and will post a full, in-depth soon.

If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when those in-depth reviews are live. Thanks to our friends at Kangertech and Arymi, both in China and the US for keeping Seven Report supplied with their latest products.

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