Arymi Gille Tank Review

Gille Tank













  • Innovative coils
  • Leak proof
  • Great vapor production


  • 3 ml capacity
  • No airflow adjustment

It’s the very first product from the new company Arymi, a subsidiary of Kangertech, the Gille Tank. If the Gille is any indication of the quality and performance of Arymi products, the company is going to do quite well.

The Gille is a top filler with a capacity of 3 ml. It comes packaged with three 0.2 ohm EOCC coils (for elongated organic cotton coil). The coils are significantly different from standard coils found in most other tanks. Arymi describes them as a “kanthal heating circle tube with replaceable organic cotton.”

Arymi designed the coils for easy cotton replacement. And with that huge surface area heating efficiency is increased as is flavor and vapor production at relatively low wattages. The recommended range for best performance is 20 – 40 watts.

Arymi Gille Tank components officialThe Gille is virtually leak proof, barring human error. If you fill the tank past the “max” line you’re going to wind up with ejuice being forced out the top of the tank when you reinsert the coil. To fill the tank unscrew the coil cover and remove the coil. Then drip ejuice into the center of the Gille. When using a new coil be sure to place a few drops of ejuice directly onto the cotton before putting it back in the tank to prime it. You can also drip a few drops into the cotton that’s visible at the top of the coil.

Arymi says the Gille produces 99% less condensation than most other tanks. It does have four airflow ports that are not adjustable.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Gille Tank 
  • 3 X 0.2 Ohm EOCC coils 
  • 1 X Spare Pyrex glass tube 
  • 1 X Sheet of organic cotton 
  • 1 X Spare set of seal rings

Performance: With a recommended wattage range of only 20 – 40 watts I was initially skeptical about how much vapor or flavor the Gille would produce. That skepticism floated away with that first cloud of vapor I drew out of the tank. Maybe it doesn’t put the absolute biggest clouds, but they’re still pretty impressive. And the flavor is pure and full.

Features: The only feature that I would have liked to have seen in the Gille that Arymi didn’t include is adjustable airflow. There are four fair sized ports on the tank that produce a rather airy draw.

Arymi Gille colors official 01The rest of the feature set in the Gille are outstanding. The inclusion of three coils, and extra Pyrex tube, a sheet of organic cotton and spare seal rings are nice extras. But the core of this tank is that EOCC. With it’s efficient heat production the vapor and flavor coming out of the Gille at those low wattage settings is its top feature. Add to that its leak proof design and you can forgive not being able to adjust air flow.

The only thing I would have changed about the Gille is its capacity. With its outstanding vapor production and stingy 3 ml capacity, I find myself needing to refill the tank more often than I’d like.

Quality: Made from food grade stainless steel and Pyrex, the Gille is a solid tank. The leak proof design and those innovative EOCC coils all back up Arymi’s statement, “we strive to deliver products known for smart designs, innovative solutions and high quality.”

Arymi Gille Tank official 01Looks: Arymi put the the airflow control on the top end of the tank, which means most of the stainless steel is up top. And that small 3 ml capacity means the Pyrex tube is pretty short. That all gives the Gille a rather stumpy appearance. Not ugly, but kind of stumpy. Having said that, I kind of like the way the Gille looks. It’s stout, sort of strong looking.

Price/Value: Arymi lists the Gille for pre-order at $29.90. They also offer a 5-pack of replacement coils for $7.50. That’s a pretty decent price for this innovative piece of equipment. And with its low operating wattage you’re going to see a little longer life out of your batteries between charges. And those EOCC coils last and last. And since you can change the cotton you can save a little on replacement coils.

I’ve been using the Arymi Gille tank for about a week and a half and have been very impressed. Flavor and vapor production are excellent. The top fill design is easy to use. And it doesn’t leak, as long as you don’t try to squeeze too much ejuice into it. For its first product, Arymi has set the bar pretty high with the Gille.

I vaped with the Arymi Gille tank on a Kangertech KBOX 200 and a variety of ejuices. Arymi provided the Gille tank for the purpose of this review.

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Order the Gille tank from Arymi.

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