Arymi Armor Kit Review

Armor Kit













  • Simple operation
  • Top fill tank


  • No variable wattage
  • No temperature control

If you like simple, no frills, easy to use devices, you are going to really enjoy the Arymi Armor Kit. Simply fill the tank, screw in the coil, attach it to the mod, press the button and vape. But it’s more than just simple, entry level vaping. The Armor Kit provides a substantial amount of vapor and flavor.

The Arymi Armor Kit come packaged with the Armor tank, a 3.0 ml capacity, 22 mm diameter, top filler. Arymi includes one 0.3 ohm Stainless Steel CHC, or Clean Hands Coil. The coil and drip tip are a single unit. The airflow system, what Arymi calls “W” air flow, is not adjustable and is built into the drip tip.

To fill the tank simply unscrew the drip tip-coil unit and lift it out of the tank and drip your ejuice into that opening, being careful not go higher than the MAX line. When using a new coil be sure to prime it by placing a few drops of ejuice onto the cotton visible through the ejuice flow ports.

You can fully disassemble the Armor tank by unscrewing the coil assembly and the coil cover and twisting the Pyrex tube off of the base.

Also included is the Armor mod. The mod is powered by an internal 2600 mAh battery which is charged via the micro USB port on the front of the device by using the included charging cable. There is a fire button and a small screen on the front of the Armor mod, but the screen doesn’t have a typical display. It simply shows five small LED lights that illuminate when you press the fire button.

When the battery needs charging the LED will flash 15 times. All five of the lights will glow when the unit is fully charged. Those lights will also flash to indicate various warnings, such as when the unit gets too hot or you’ve attached a coil with a resistance of less than 0.15 ohm. The Armor mod has a 510 connector.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Armor mod
  • 1 X Armor tank
  • 1 X 0.3 ohm CHC (installed)
  • 1 X Charging cable
  • 1 X Set of replacement O-Rings
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: As I said, the Arymi Armor Kit is simple to use, but don’t let that simplicity fool you. This little device puts out a healthy amount of tasty vapor. Those CHC coils last a good while too and the organic Japanese cotton puts out pure flavor.

The draw is a little on the airy side and the vapor is in the slightly cool to slightly warm range. I did find that the drip tip is a little short, especially with the placement of the airflow ports at the base of the drip tip. On more than occasion I’ve accidentally covered those ports with my mouth.

Features: If there’s any area where the Armor Kit is a little light, it’s in the feature set. There are no adjustments on either the mod or the tank, with the exception of variable resistance levels replacement coils available.

Granted, that’s by design and I suppose you could count that simplicity as a feature. But some vapers may be reluctant to give up the ability to adjust wattage or temperature. On the plus side, Arymi does include a charging cable and extra set of O-Rings. On the minus side, there’s only the one coil and no extra Pyrex tube for the tank.

Quality: Arymi is quickly building a reputation for quality devices, and the Armor Kit maintains that tradition. It’s solidly built, the tank is stainless steel and Pyrex and the mod is zinc alloy. That 2600 mAh internal battery lasts a pretty decent amount of time too. The fire button makes a reassuring “click” when you press it and the LED is bright.

There’s a little lip or seat belt contraption that slides over the tank to provide protection for the Pyrex in the event that you knock it over. But that seat belt does obscure your view of your ejuice level and the MAX fill line.

Looks: The Arymi Armor Kit is a really good looking device. The tank sits in the recessed area of the mod, giving the whole kit a very together look. It’s available in white, silver or black. The contrast of the black fire button on the white version of the Armor mod really pops. The small size of the kit means it will fit comfortably in your hand or pocket.

Price/Value: Arymi lists the Armor Kit at $65.90. And they offer a four-pack of replacement CHC coils for $14.40. Those prices are on the high side for a device with this limited feature set, but if you look around you’ll probably be able to find the kit for under $40, which makes it much more competitive and more solid option for beginning vapers for more advanced vapers looking for a simple back up unit.

I’ve been using the Arymi Armor Kit for about a month,with a variety of ejuices and it’s been a solid performer, good amount of vapor and really good flavor. And, not to belabor the point, but it really is simple to use, which makes it really convenient to grab when you’re on the go.

Arymi provided the Armor Kit for the purpose of this review.

Find out more about the Armor Kit and order it from Arymi.

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