Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 Review














  • Drip or squonk feed
  • 160 Watts of power
  • Temperature control


  • Occasional spritzing
  • Easy to accidentally change power settings

Kangertech has extended yet another one of their product lines, the DRIPBOX. I received the original DRIPBOX Starter Kit back in March 2016 and published an in-depth review of it in April. In May Kangertech released the DRIPBOX 160 Starter Kit and sent one of those for a Seven Report review.

Like the original, the Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 Starter Kit comes with the DRIPBOX 160 mod and the Subdrip RDA and can be top fed like a traditional dripper and/or bottom fed via the 7ml capacity squeeze bottle or squonker. The coils for the DRIPBOX 160 are compatible with the original and are rebuildable. But that’s where the major similarities end. Kangertech recommends only using the DRIPBOX 160 and Subdrip as a kit. Using the Subdrip on another mod risks ejuice leaking from the bottom fill hole.

The DRIPBOX 160 has a variable wattage range of 7 – 160 watts. It’s also a temperature control device capable of firing Nickel 200, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Nichrome coils in TC mode. It has a temperature range of 200° F – 600° F and 100° C – 315° C. The Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 will fire coils with a resistance of 0.05 ohm or higher.

The coils included in the kit are 0.2 ohm Kanthal coils, which you can fire in TC mode using the Nichrome setting. Best as far as I can tell the Kanthal replacement coils are the only ones available as of now, but you can rebuild using your choice of wire.

The Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included), and Kangertech recommends using batteries with a minimum rating of 30A. The batteries can be charged while still in the mod by connecting the included charging cable to the micro USB port on the front of the DRIPBOX 160.

Unlike the original DRIPBOX, which had only one button, the fire button, and no display, the DRIPBOX 160 has three buttons and an LCD display, all located on the front of the mod. There’s a fire button and “+” and “-” buttons. Turn the mod on and off with five clicks of the fire button.

You also use the fire button to cycle through the types of coils the DRIPBOX 160 will fire in temperature control mode; Nickel 200, Titanium, Nichrome and Stainless Steel. Click the fire button three times to scroll from one type of coil to the next. The final option is variable wattage mode. Then adjust temperature or wattage with the “+” or “-” buttons.

To switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scroll through the lowest temperature of one scale to get to the other. Once you’ve scrolled to the maximum temperature of either scale you can no longer scroll with the “+” button.

Flip the LCD display 180° by holding in the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. You can lock the temperature and/or wattage settings by holding in all three buttons at the same time. In TC mode the display shows battery meter, resistance of the attached coil, maximum wattage, selected temperature, type of coil and temperature scale. In variable wattage mode the LCD displays battery level, resistance, voltage and selected wattage.

When you attach a new coil to the DRIPBOX 160 the display will prompt you to set the base resistance of the coil. It will display, “New Coil: Yes +/No -”. If the coil is new and you don’t get that prompt, unscrew the Subdrip, hold the fire button until the display reads, “Check Atomizer,” and then reattach the Subdrip.

The Subdrip has adjustable airflow with two large ports, one on each side. It also has two much smaller ports labeled “MTL” for mouth to lung. By opening those MTL ports you’re closing the larger ports, providing a much tighter and somewhat warmer draw.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X DRIPBOX 160 
  • 1 X Sudrip 2 X Drip base (with pre-built coils) 
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable 
  • 1 X Spare 7 ml squeeze (squonking) bottle 
  • 1 X Accessory kit

Performance: I gave the original DRIPBOX Starter Kit pretty high ratings for performance. The DRIPBOX 160 Starter Kit is just a little better. That improvement is due to its increased power and TC functionality. It produces more than ample vapor, and every flavor I’ve vaped in it is as full and rich or better than in most other devices I’ve used.

The DRIPBOX 160 feeds easily,either by squeezing the reservoir or removing the drip tip connector and dripping ejuice directly onto the coil. The buttons function well and the LCD is bright and easy to read.

Features: Kangertech gave the DRIPBOX 160 all of the features of the original DRIPBOX and a whole lot more, like variable wattage with a maximum output of 160 watts and temperature control that functions with a variety of coil materials. The
Subdrip is rebuildable, but if you don’t want to rebuild Kangertech offers pre-built replacement coils.

I really appreciate the DRIPBOX 160’s ability to adjust temperature in single degree increments and wattage in 0.1 watt increments. Not every temperature control device gives you that much flexibility and the ability to customize your vape that finely.

The 7 ml capacity of the reservoir will provide hours of vaping, and Kangertech includes a spare with a stopper so you can take that one with you filled with a second flavor. The inclusion of the accessory kit and a second coil are solid positives. The DRIPBOX 160 Starter Kit is available in black, white and silver.

Quality: The Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 is another quality device. The zinc alloy casing provides a solid feel. The buttons function well, and it fires every time you press that big red button. The bottom feeder works easily, especially when you squeeze it instead of pumping it.

There is the occasional spritzing of ejuice, but that almost only happens if you’ve dripped or squeezed too much ejuice into the coil. Kangertech does provide a filter that fits into the bottom of the drip tip connector.

The one little negative is probably more of design feature than a quality issue. Depending on how you hold the DRIPBOX 160 you may accidentally hit the “+” or “-” button and change your temperature or wattage setting. But the lock feature will keep that from happening.

Looks: This is an impressive looking device. Its shape and size is very reminiscent of the Wismec Reuleaux. Its a little bulky, but for some that’s a big part of the appeal. On the black model the contrasting red logo really pops. And that LCD is bright and clear and easy to read.

Price/Value: Kanger lists the MSRP on the DRIPBOX 160 at $76.90, which is a decent price for a device with all of these features, temperature control, 160 watts, drip and squonk feeding. Seven Report review product supplier and advertiser DirectVapor has the Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 for $64.95, which is a very good price. And DirectVapor has replacement coils available in 3-packs for $8.95.

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss about dripping was but don’t care to build your own coils, the DRIPBOX 160 may be just what you’ve been waiting for. And if you’re an experienced rebuilder this device should keep you happy too. And you don’t have to give up temperature control with the DRIPBOX 160’s ability to fire so many different types of coil materials in TC mode.

I’ve been vaping with the Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 for about three weeks. I’ve used a number of different ejuices and every one of them tasted as full, rich and good or more so than they did in any other device.

Kangertech provided the DRIPBOX 160 for the purpose of this review.

Order the Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 from DirectVapor.

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