Kangertech DRIPBOX Review

Kangertech DRIPBOX













  • Simple operation
  • Produces lots of tasty vapor
  • Rebuild or buy coils off the shelf
  • Great value
  • Top or bottom feed


  • No display
  • No variable wattage

Kangertech’s latest device (at least it’s their latest as of this writing, the development team at Kanger has been working at a frenetic pace for the past year or so) is simple, yet elegant. It’s not the highest tech device Kangertech has ever brought to market, but that’s part of its appeal. It’s the DRIPBOX Starter Kit.

The DRIPBOX is a dripper that’s also a bottom feeding or squonking device. You can vape it like a traditional dripper by pulling off the drip tip connector and dripping ejuice directly into the cotton of the coil. Or you can squonk it by filling the 7 ml capacity reservoir and squeezing it to feed ejuice to coil from the bottom.

The DRIPBOX Starter Kit includes the Dripmod, a 60 watt mod that is powered by an external 18650 battery (not included) and includes a plastic 7 ml capacity ejuice reservoir. And then there’s the Subdrip, an RDA that comes with an off-the-shelf 0.2 ohm dual coil. The coil itself is rebuildable, and Kanger packages the DRIPBOX with an accessory kit that includes a package of organic cotton and two pre-wrapped kanthal coils. They also include a second 0.2 ohm replacement coil.

Dripbox Red contents officialThere is only one button on the Dripmod, the fire button, and there is no display. To turn the device on or off you press the fire button five times. The button will flash to let you know that you’ve done so successfully. You can charge the battery while it’s in the device via the micro USB port on the side of the mod with the included charging cable. While the battery is charging the fire button will glow white and change to green when the battery is fully charged. When the battery is drained and you try to vape the button will flash 15 times.

The Dripmod will fire kanthal coils with a resistance as low as 0.2 ohm. If you build a coil with a resistance lower than that the fire button will flash three time to indicate that your resistance is too low and will not fire.

To fill the reservoir simply remove the magnetic bottom cover and pull out the reservoir, fill it with ejuice (be careful not to overfill it). Then reattach it to the small tube and replace the cover. To feed ejuice from the bottom (or squonk) simply press in or squeeze the reservoir. Don’t pump it, just apply steady pressure. You’ll be able to see ejuice flowing to the Subdrip if you remove the drip tip connector.

And that’s pretty much how the DRIPBOX works. Nice and simple. No extraneous bells and whistles. No temperature control, no variable wattage. Just pure, simple vaping. Kangertech did give the kit all of the standard safety features.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Dripmod
  • 1 X Subdrip RDA
  • 2 X 0.2 ohm drip coils
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 X Replacement 7.0 ml reservoir 
  • 1 X Accessory kit 
  • 1 X Owner’s manual

Performance: This is where the Kangertech DRIPBOX really excels. That 60 watts is more than enough to provide loads of billowy vapor. And the flavor of that vapor is exceptional. Every ejuice I’ve vaped in the DRIPBOX tasted as good or, in most cases, better than it did in any other device I’ve used. And when you come right down to it, that’s the whole point, flavor and vapor production.

The simplicity of operation means that the learning curve is extremely low. Simply drip or squonk some ejuice to the coil, press the fire button and you’re vaping. Just be sure you don’t let the coil get dry.

I did find that once the reservoir gets almost empty it doesn’t feed quite as well, but with that 7.0 ml capacity that’s not often a problem.

dripbox RDAFeatures: The simplicity of the DRIPBOX means it doesn’t have a long list of features, but to be honest, it really doesn’t need many more than Kangertech gave it. Top feed and bottom feed (drip and squonk) and that 7.0 ml capacity reservoir are just about all it needs.

But there are more. If you’ve always wanted to build coils the Subdrip looks like it’s a fairly easy RDA to experiment with (though I haven’t tried that as yet). And if you don’t care to rebuild, Kangertech offers off-the-shelf drip coils in the same price range as its other coils, so that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

The inclusion of a replacement reservoir and pre-built coil, the accessory kit with a small screwdriver, extra screws, pre-wrapped coils and pack of cotton are all nice additional features. Add to that the fact that you can charge the battery while it’s in the mod with the included micro USB coil and this seemingly modest feature set is all you need.

Kangertech offers the DRIPBOX in white, black or red. And the battery cover includes an adjustable connector to ensure a solid connection or allow you to disconnect the battery without removing it if you plan on storing the DRIPBOX for awhile. Kangertech gave the DRIPBOX all of the standard safety features.

dripbox reservoirQuality: When you keep things simple there’s not much that can go wrong. That’s not to say nothing ever will go wrong with the DRIPBOX, but so far it’s been a high quality device. It fires when you press the fire button. The drip coil provides loads of flavorful vapor.

The construction of the DRIPBOX is solid without being too heavy. The bottom feed system works easily, as long as there’s enough ejuice in the reservoir.

Looks: The DRIPBOX is a decent looking kit. The colors are rich and the Kangertech logo on both the Subdrip and Dripmod really pops in contrasting colors; black on the white and red models and red on the black.

Price/Value: Kangertech lists the price of the DRIPBOX Starter Kit at $44.90. DirectVapor, a Seven Report review product supplier and advertiser has it available for $39.95. That makes the DRIPBOX a solid bargain. With its dual feed options, dripping or squonking, 60 watts, simple operation and superior vapor and flavor production this would be a solid buy at a higher price point.

Dripbox with box mine 02Add to that the choice you get between rebuilding coils or buying them off-the-shelf, for about the same price as other Kangertech coils and that price seems even more reasonable.

Because of the bottom feed or squonking system on the DRIPBOX, Kangertech strongly suggests that you only use the Subdrip and Dripmod as a unit. Using the Subdrip RDA with another mod risks ejuice leaking out of the fill hole in the bottom of the Subdrip.

If you’ve been curious about trying dripping, but are leery of building your own coils, the DRIPBOX may be the answer for you. And if you’re an experienced dripper you’re not going to miss a beat with the DRIPBOX.

I vaped with the Kangertech DRIPBOX over a couple of weeks with a variety of ejuices. Kangertech provided the DRIPBOX Starter Kit for the purpose of this review.

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Order the Kangertech DRIPBOX Starter Kit from DirectVapor for $39.95.

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