First Look: Kangertech CUPTI

Back in October, 2015, Kangertech introduced their first temperature control device, the NEBOX. Since then they’ve brought to market a number of other TC devices,including versions of the KBOX and DRIPBOX.

They have just introduced the CUPTI, which I’ve seen described by Kangertech on Twitter as a beefed up version of the NEBOX. It looks an awful lot like the NEBOX, but a little smaller.

The Kangertech CUPTI is an all-in-one device with a built-in 5 ml capacity, replaceable Pyrex tankKanger CUPTI with NEBOX. It’s powered by a single 18650 battery (not included) which can be charged while it’s still in the mod via the micro USB port on the bottom of the CUPTI using the supplied charging cable.

Kanger includes two coils in the kit, one 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel CLOCC (installed) and one 1.5 ohm Nichrome CLOCC. There is also an RBA, the CLRBA, due out shortly after the CUPTI comes to market.

In temperature control mode the CUPTI will fire Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Nichrome coils. It has a temperature range of 200° F – 600° F and 100° C – 300° C. In variable wattage mode the range is 7 – 75 watts.

There are three buttons on the CUPTI, the fire button on the front of the device, and the “+” and “-” buttons on the top of the unit between the drip tip and the LCD display. The CUPTI turns on and off with five clicks of the fire button.

CLRBA for CUPTI and CLTanksAs with most of the Kangertech TC devices you navigate between different coil materials in temperature control mode and variable wattage mode press the fire button three times to move between each option until you’ve found the one you want to use.

Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust temperature or wattage. Wattage changes are increments of 0.1 watts. In Fahrenheit temperature changes are in 10° increments and in Celsius the changes are in 5° increments. Scroll through one temperature scale to get the other.

Like many Kangertech mods, you can flip the orientation of the LCD display by 180° by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. In TC mode the display shows a battery meter, resistance of the attached coil, maximum wattage output of 75 watts, selected coil material, temperature and temperature scale. The LCD shows battery meter, coil resistance, voltage and selected wattage in variable wattage mode.

The CUPTI is a top filler, which should do away the tendency of the original NEBOX to leak a little, especially when charging the unit with ejuice in the tank. To fill the CUPTI simply unscrew the tip and coil connector (with coil if you have one attached) and lift it out of the mod. Then put your ejuice in the tank, being carefully to not allow the ejuice to go higher than the “MAX” line.

To change the coil repeat the process of removing the tip and coil connector assembly, unscrew the old coil and put on the new coil. Be sure to prime the coil before attaching it to the coil connector. When you attach a new coil you may be prompted to calibrate the base resistance; the LCD will read “New Coil?” Press the “+” for yes or the “-” for no.

You can adjust airflow control by twisting the collar just below the drip tip. And you can lock in power or temperature settings by holding in all three buttons at the same time.

I filled the CUPTI with Caramel ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild, primed the coil and allowed a few minutes for the cotton to get fully saturated. With the unit set for a Stainless Steel coCUPTI with boxil in TC mode set at 350° F and the airflow control about half way open, I was ready to give it a first vape.

Vapor and flavor production were decent at this setting, but I did notice some gurgling. I bumped the temperature up to 430° F and the vapor was noticeably warmer, but that gurgling sound persisted. Then I backed the temperature off to 400° F and opened the airflow control all the way. Vapor production seemed to be getting a little better and the flavor was really popping. The gurgling sound was quite as pronounced, but still there.

I continued vaping on the Kangertech CUPTI after finishing up the video and the gurgling sound did go away. Sometimes it takes a while for a new coil to get fully acclimated.

In a week or so, after using the CUPTI extensively, I’ll post a full, in-depth review of the device. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when the review is live.

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Thanks again to our friends at Kangertech for providing the CUPTI for a Seven Report review. They have been wonderful about keeping us supplied with their newest products, and there have been quite a few of them in the past few months.

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