First Look: Kangertech Subtank Plus

Subtank Plus box 02Kangertech has added another model to their Subtank line, the 7.0 ml capacity Subtank Plus. The Plus joins the original Subtank with a 6.0 ml capacity, the Mini which holds 4.5 ml and the 3.0 ml Nano.

The Subtank Plus comes with the 0.5 ohm Kanger OCC (organic cotton coil) installed, a spare 1.2 ohm OCC and what Kanger calls a mini RBA base. The RBA base has one coil already installed and a second included, along with a package of organic Japanese cotton, a couple of screws, a screw driver and extra O-rings. Also included in the box is an extra Pyrex tank, a fairly comprehensive user’s manual and a card warning the user to place several drops of ejuice directly into the coil to soak the cotton before using the tank.

Kanger has etched the suggested wattage ratings for each OCC right into the base of the coils. The 0.5 ohm is rated for 15 – 30 watts and the 1.2 ohm has a range of 12-25 watts. They also suggest vaping on the coils included for the RBA at 30 watts. One of the nice things about Kanger is that the OCC coils will fit any of the Subtank line,  a real convenience if you or a spouse already has one.

The biggest difference, besides ejuice capacity, between the Plus and the Mini and Nano that Kangertech supplied to me for Seven Report reviews is the airflow system (I received the Subtank Plus as a birthday present from my wife). It seems like Kanger just can’t help themselves, they’re always fine tuning those airflow systems. They did so with the Aerotanks and now they’re at it again with the Subtanks. On the Nano and the Mini that I have (and Kanger may be including what the Plus user’s manual calls a “new reliable air flow” on newer models of the Mini) the airflow system consists of a collar that rotates to reveal a single airflow hole, two airflow holes, or a large airflow slot.

Subtank Plus contents 01The airflow on the Plus functions in the same basic manner, you turn the collar to reveal different size holes. The Plus includes one small airflow hole, one that’s a bit bigger and then that large slot for wide open air flow. But the biggest difference is that those airflow openings are on two sides of the Subtank Plus, giving you the option for an amazingly airy vape. And the smallest of the airflow holes is still tiny enough that even with two of them the draw is really tight.

I’ll be using the Subtank Plus exclusively over the next week or so and then coming back with an in depth review. Since I’ve already done reviews on the Subtank Mini and Nano I also plan to publish a side-by-side comparison of the three in coming weeks. And I may even get up the courage to try playing around with that RBA and see if I have any aptitude for rebuilding coils. The Kanger Subtanks seem to be a great way to get introduced to rebuilding.

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