Kangertech Subtank Nano Review

Kangertech Subtank Nano













  • OCC Coils don't interfere with taste
  • Includes 1.2 & 0.5 ohm coils
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Produces loads of vapor


  • Won't work with lower powered mods
  • Least features of Subtank line
  • Cotton retains flavor of previous ejuice longer than other coils

The sub ohm tank war is raging. Just a few months ago that statement would have seemed absurd. Sub ohm vaping with an off-the-shelf tank? That’s crazy talk. But no longer. What was once the exclusive domain of rebuilders and drippers is now available to tank vapers. Kangertech fired one of the first shots in the sub ohm war when they introduced 1.0 and 0.8 ohm coils that would fit their Aerotank line. Not long after, Aspire and Kanger each introduced tanks specifically designed to handle their new 0.5 ohm coils, Aspire’s Atlantis and Kanger’s Subtank. Kanger also includes a newly designed 1.2 ohm coil with each member of the Subtank family.

The latest battle in the sub ohm war goes to Kangertech, with the introduction of two new members to the Subtank line, the Mini, and the subject of this review, the Nano. The Subtank Nano employs Kanger’s new OCC (organic cotton coil) head and their enhanced adjustable airflow system. The OCC head uses organic Japanese cotton which allows you to experience the purest taste from any ejuice you choose.

The Nano is 510 threaded with a pyrex tank and stainless steel base and removable drip tip. It has a 3.0 ml ejuice capacity and with a diameter of 18.5 mm is the most slender member of the Subtank family.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Subtank Nano
  • 1 X OCC 0.5 ohm head
  • 1 X OCC 1.2 ohm head
  • 1 X Replacement Pyrex tank
  • 1 X Owner’s manual

Performance: If you thought the Kangertech Aerotank or Aspire Nautilus tanks took your vaping experience to a new level, wait till you fire up the Subtank Nano. The 0.5 ohm OCC comes pre-installed in the Nano. Fill it with your favorite ejuice and start vaping and that ejuice is going to taste brand new and produce more vapor than you thought possible. Even using the 1.2 ohm OCC the vapor output borders on the unbelievable. And the taste of that ejuice is amazing, thanks to the low resistance of the OCC heads and the use of that organic Japanese cotton as a wicking material. The cotton does not interfere with the flavor of the ejuice like some other coils can, so all you get is pure flavor.

Features: If there’s one area where the Nano is a little lacking, it’s in the features Kanger gave it (and if they hadn’t shipped a Subtank Mini to me at the same time I might not have noticed it, but you’ll have to wait for the Mini review for more on that). It’s not that the Nano is void of handy features, it just has fewer than other tanks in the Subtank line. On the plus side, Kanger includes a replacement Pyrex tank, a wide-bore replaceable drip tip and two OCC heads, one rated at 0.5 ohms and the other at 1.2 ohms.

The Nano has Kanger’s enhanced adjustable airflow system features four settings; fully closed, one air port, two air ports and fully opened. I do prefer the variable airflow system on my Kangertech Aerotank Mega, which allows for finer adjustments, but so far the Nano’s system has worked just fine for me. Another nice feature is that Kanger has etched the suggested wattage range and ohm rating into each OCC, so at a glance you know which one you’re using.

Quality: The Subtank Nano is a solid tank, with its strengthened Pyrex glass tube, stainless steal components and the easy to adjust airflow system. There’s a little “click” the airflow system makes when you have it properly aligned, and you can feel it as well as hear it. Any tank is only as good as the coil that goes in it, and, so far, the newly designed OCC heads are tremendous. The cotton produces a pure taste without interfering with the ejuice’s flavor and the low resistance of the coils produces plenty of warm vapor.

There are two issues you need to be aware of before running out and buying a Subtank Nano. Neither is a deal breaker, or even a negative, but if you’re not aware of them you may find yourself disappointed.

First, not every mod is going to be able to fire the Subtank Nano or take full advantage of its capability. The 1.2 ohm OCC has a usable range of 12 – 25 watts. And the 0.5 ohm OCC has a range of 15 – 30 watts. I use an Innokin MVP 2 and an Eleaf iStick. The MVP 2 is worthless when it comes to the Subtank Nano. The iStick will fire only the 1.2 ohm OCC and can only muster 19.2 watts at that. To use the 0.5 ohm OCC, and to get to the highest end of the range on the 1.2 ohm OCC I had to borrow my wife’s Dovpo E-Mech with its 30 watt output. So if you don’t have a mod with at least a 30 watt output, you’re not going to get the most from the Subtank Nano.

The second issue is with the cotton in the OCC. You can not dry fire the Subtank Nano, not if you want to actually vape with it. Dry firing will burn up that cotton, rendering it unusable. Kanger goes so far as to suggest that you prime the head by placing a few drops of ejuice directly into the top of the coil onto the cotton before you use it. The other cotton related issue that I’ve noticed is that when you swap ejuices, the taste of the first juice remains noticeable longer than with other coils. Not a big deal, and you can mitigate it slightly by dripping a few drops of the second ejuice directly onto the cotton in the OCC.

subtank-nano-kangertechLooks: I like the looks of the Nano. It’s sleek, and slim enough that it doesn’t look out of place on the skinny Eleaf iStick. The red O-rings provide a nice contrast to all that Pyrex and stainless steel. And the wide bore of the drip tip looks pleasantly menacing. The OCC, clearly visible through the Pyrex tube, is squared and gives the whole Nano a unique look.

Price/Value: Kangertech provided the Subtank Nano for the purpose of this review. And at the time it arrived it wasn’t yet available at retail. Though since then Kanger has begun accepting orders. The Kangertech website lists the price for the Nano as $39.90. American eLiquid Store has ordered the Nano and tells me that they’ll have it available at $34.99.  That’s less than I paid for my Kanger Aerotank Mega (though by now I’m sure that price has come down).

Kanger says that the new OCC heads are “durable,” but doesn’t specify how long they’re supposed to last. I haven’t had to replace one yet. The coils are a little pricier than those for other tanks, but for the purity of flavor and amount of vapor they produce, even if they only last as long as other coils, they’re well worth the price. If you enjoy pure taste and lots and lots of vapor, and you don’t care to rebuild coils, then the Subtank Nano scores solidly on the price/value scale.

I love this Subtank Nano. I can recommend it to vapers of intermediate to above experience. It may be a little too much for someone just starting out. For vapers who prefer dripping it makes a nice away from home tank, for those times when dripping just isn’t feasible. Now if you’re into rebuilding, or have been considering it, then you may want to hold for the Subtank Mini, which I’ll be reviewing soon.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a mod that’s powerful enough to handle the Nano, that’s why I don’t recommend it for beginners. Even intermediate vapers may need to upgrade to a more powerful mod before picking up a Nano, if they hope to get the most out of this tank.

I tested the Kangertech Subtank Nano on the Eleaf iStick and Dovpo E-Mech with a variety of ejuices, and each juice tasted its best in the Nano.

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