Vaporcade & 1963 Disposables Review

1963 & Vaporcade Disposables

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  • Good variety
  • Solid flavors
  • Pleasant aromas


  • Light vapor production
  • A little pricey

My introduction to Vaporcade came with a vape mail shipment of samples from their two lines of disposable cigalikes and electronic cigars, 1963 and Vaporcade.

Vaporcade is a fairly new company, but they’ve been getting a lot of attention with their Jupiter cell phone mod and Europa variable wattage mod and their Shuttle flavor cartridges. Vaporcade recently sent me a beta version of the Europa. You can check out the Seven Report First Look at the Europa here. The full, in-depth review of the Europa will posted soon.

Vaporcade describes their website, “Vaporcade is a lifestyle hub…whether you’re a casual e-cigarette consumer or a dedicated modder, we’re all moving toward a longer, guilt-free life. Vaping is the future and Vaporcade is an opportunity to strive toward that future with great products, a premium experience, and a unified community. Our products are crafted with the consumer in mind offering full flavors and a viscous vape.”

The Vaporcade disposable shipment included several cigalikes and cigars. I’ll go over each line and flavor individually and then rate them all together.

The 1963 Line

1963 products1963 is more than just a new way for you to smoke. The early 60s were a defining time in history, and much of it was driven by big dreams and hopes for a brighter future. In 1963, one of those hopes took a major step forward as Herbert A. Gilbert invented and patented the first electronic cigarette. Presently, our dreams of the past are becoming reality with our exceptionally advanced technology.”

Peace: “A bite of juicy stone fruit lends to a spicy hit, mellowing out to a soft end.” Peace has a mild, slightly sweet peach flavor and fresh, fruity aroma.

Menthol: “Mellow, light and smooth, our Menthol delivers minty refreshment with a super clean finish.” Menthol has a fresh, spearmint flavor with a pleasant mint aroma.

Original: “Bold, full-bodied Original carries caramel and vanilla over the palate with a spicy, woody finish.” The tobacco note of Original is light, and it does have a nice woody finish. The aroma is a blend of that spicy, woody essence and mild tobacco.

Cuban disposable cigar: “Our exclusive Cuban cigars have the same smoothness and quality you would expect from a traditionally grown Cuban blend. A perfect draw—every time. 1963 e-cigars have a rich, bold, luxurious taste of a hand-rolled Cuban. Think backroom deals, mahogany and velvet.” The Cuban has a mild tobacco taste and smooth vapor. Its aroma is a little milder than a traditional cigar.

The Vaporcade Line

Vaporcade products officialRed Dragon: “Crisp fall flavors nourish the palate.” Red Dragon has a juicy red apple flavor that’s very refreshing. And its aroma is fresh and reminiscent of an apple orchard in early autumn.

Serenity disposable cigar: “Tanginess immediately mellowed with a sweet deliciousness reminiscent of raspberry. Cuban elegance matched with next generation technology.” Serenity has the slightly tart, slightly sweet juicy flavor of fresh raspberries. Its aroma is fresh, fruity and just a little on the sweet side.

The 1963 and Vaporcade disposables have light vapor output, though it’s comparable to traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars. The draw is a little tight. The throat hit is in the light to medium range.

Disposables are about as convenient as anything in the vape universe. And more convenient than traditional tobacco products. There are no tanks to fill, no coils to replace; simply open the package and start vaping.

The 1963 and Vaporcade disposables all have enjoyable flavors, though they do lean a little to the light side. Both of Vaporcade’s disposable lines are a tad pricey, but the commitment level is low, buy an individual cigar or a tri-pack of the cigalikes and if you enjoy them, buy more until you’re ready to move up to an open source mod and tank system.

1963 cigalikes: tri-pack $24.00, tri-pack cartons (18 disposables) $99.00, singles cartons (10 cigalikes) $60.00. 1963 cigars: single cigars $30.00, cigar cartons (6 cigars) $170.00.

Vaporcade cigalikes: tri-pack $24.00, tri-pack cartons (18 disposables) $99.00. Vaporcade cigars: single cigars $30.00, cigar cartons (3 cigars) $80.00.

I vaped each flavor on and off over the course of several weeks. Disposables are entry level vape products for quite a few smokers interested in quitting. And I found them very convenient to grab when I was in a hurry or was running low on ejuice.

Vaporcade provided all of the products mentioned here for the purpose of this review. Through May 1, 2016 Vaporcade is offering a 10% discount to Seven Report readers and viewers when you use coupon code 7REPORT.

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Order any of the Vaporcade or 1963 disposables from Vaporcade.

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