Vapes Gone Wild Dripping Line Recap

Back in April of 2015 one of the local vape shops in my area, Vapes Gone Wild, celebrated their second anniversary with a big party at a local restaurant. A big part of that celebration was the unveiling of their new Dripping Line of premium ejuices. Three flavors blended especially to be vaped in drippers or sub ohm tanks.

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to sample and review each of these flavors. And, as has become standard procedure here at Seven Report, whenever I publish reviews on an entire line I like to come back and do a recap so that you have all of the pertinent information on each flavor in one handy place.

When Vapes Gone Wild first introduced the Dripping Line they were available only in 15 ml glass dripper bottles for $9.99. They recently introduced 30 ml glass dripper bottles for $17.00. Available nicotine levels on the Dripping Line ejuices are 0 MG, 3 MG and 6 MG. All of these flavors come in a Max VG mix.  Vapes Gone Wild suggests using their Dripping Line only in drippers or sub ohm tanks.

So here’s the Seven Report recap on the Vapes Gone Wild Dripping Line of ejuices. I hope you’ll go back and read each individual review if you haven’t done so already. To get to those reviews just click on the name of each ejuice.

temptation officialTemptation: This was the flavor that had customers at Vapes Gone Wild buzzing for a couple of weeks before it was available. The store had a small supply that they let people sample prior to that anniversary party. Smart move. That pre-release sampling really generated interest in and anticipation of the initial release. Temptation is, “a sweet, creamy strawberry cheesecake with a cinnamon crust.”

This is a creamy sweet vape that’s a little juicy with a hint of cinnamon, much like a bite of strawberry cheesecake with cinnamon crust. Strawberry is the primary flavor and aroma note, but that’s joined by a hint of soft creamy cheesecake and a glimmer of cinnamon.

VGW OG Juice officialOG’s Juice: Vapes Gone Wild describes this flavor as, “a tangy mixture of fruits and cream with a little guava.” OG’s Juice provides a smooth, creamy vape. There’s a definite guava note, a little tangy, slightly sweet and very juicy. That’s joined by a mysterious mixture of other tropical tasting fruits, blended so completely as to make it difficult to identify any individual flavor. I did think it tasted like there may have been some papaya or kiwi in there.

The cream flavor and texture becomes slightly more pronounced on the exhale. OG’s Juice has a wonderful, light, bright, sweet aroma with just an glimmer of that almost musky guava fragrance.

Gold Doubloon officialGold Doubloon:
Gold Doubloons, the coins, are often romanticized as filling treasure chests, buried by pirates in centuries gone by. Vaping Gold Doubloon the ejuice is a lot like discovering one of those long forgotten treasure chests. Vapes Gone Wild describes it as, “a tangy tropical custard that has a different fruit medley every time you hit it.”

That custard element gives Gold Doubloon a creamy light sweetness that’s joined by a terrific blend of tropical and citrus flavors. As the description says, every hit reveals something a little different, sometimes tangy, sometimes sweet, occasionally there’s a hint of something like chai. But it’s always creamy smooth and delicious with a light, sweet, fruity aroma.

Vapes Gone Wild plans to eventually expand its Dripping Line, but may also retire certain flavors as they bring new ones online. So if any of these ejuices sounds like it’s something you might enjoy I’d encourage you to order it soon.

I vaped these ejuices in a Kangertech Subtank Mini powered by a Kangertech KBOX Mini and a Kangertech Subtank Plus on an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt. Vapes Gone Wild provided their Dripping Line for the purpose of Seven Report reviews.

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Learn more about and order Vapes Gone Wild’s Dripping Line.

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