Gold Doubloon EJuice Review

Gold Doubloon

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Taste Authenticity









  • Nuanced blend
  • Smooth vapor
  • Rich flavor


  • Lighter taste than most custard ejuices

If I was a little more flamboyant or dramatic I’d be writing this review while wearing a three-cornered hat, maybe an eye patch and swinging a cutlass around in a menacing manner. I’d probably pepper it with a fair amounts of “aargh” and “avast” too. But I’m not flamboyant. And no matter how much the name of this ejuice, Gold Doubloon from Vapes Gone Wild, makes me think of pirates; the stylized kind like Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and Long John Silver, not those skeezy Somali pirates like in the Tom Hanks movie “Captain Phillips, I really don’t want to be a pirate.

Gold doubloons, the coins not the ejuice, were real currency in pretty wide use from the 1500s through the 1800s. There are still some doubloons around today, made of nearly pure gold, and you can buy them, if you can afford them. Rumor has it that there are still thousands of them lying in Davey Jones’ Locker at the bottom of the seven seas in what’s left of the hulls of sunken pirate ships.

While it’s not as rare, or costly, as the coins for which it’s named, vaping Gold Doubloon the ejuice is a lot like discovering buried treasure. Vapes Gone Wild describes Gold Doubloon as “a tangy tropical custard that has a different fruity medley every time you hit it.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Ratio    Max VG

Like most custard ejuices, Gold Doubloon is rich, creamy and sweet. Where Gold Doubloon differs from other custard ejuices is that it’s not overly rich or sweet. On the inhale there’s a slightly tangy sweet fruity note. It’s not easy figuring out exactly which fruits are in this ejuice. There’s something that may be citrus, but also a blend of more traditionally tropical flavors. Those notes are joined with the creamy light sweetness of the custard.

On the exhale there’s just a hint of something non-fruity, maybe chai. That gives Gold Doubloon a very mellow finish that’s creamy and sweet. The throat hit is mild. The vapor is rich and smooth and a little warm. The aroma is light, a little fruity and sweet with custard notes.

VGW Gold Doubloon bottle 01Somehow Vapes Gone Wild has managed to blend an ejuice with such subtle nuances that every hit reveals something a little different. I vaped Gold Doubloon for the best part of two days and found it entirely enjoyable and lip smacking delicious. If traditional custard vapes are a little too heavy or rich for your tastes you really should give Gold Doubloon a try. It’s light enough to vape all day for days at a time.

Vapes Gone Wild offers Gold Doubloon as part of their new dripping line. It comes in 15 ml glass dripper bottles for $9.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG and 6 MG. All of the Vapes Gone Wild dripping line comes in a Max VG mix. They recommend vaping Gold Doubloon in a sub ohm tank or dripping it.

I vaped Gold Doubloon in a Kangertech Subtank Mini on a Kangertech KBOX Mini. Vapes Gone Wild provided the bottle of Gold Doubloon I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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