Update: Dura True Starter Kit

DuraTrue Starter MildSeven Report published an in-depth review of the Dura True Starter Kit several days ago. I was pretty impressed with the little kit; it produced a good deal of vapor for an EVOD-type tank on a 650 mAh battery. And the taste of the Dura True Tobacco Mild ejuice was very authentic.

I’ve been trying to get the motivation to quit smoking and this (the Dura True Starter Kit) is something that will definitely help get me there.

Since this kit is intended as an introduction to vaping for people who are still smoking, I thought having someone who fit that description give the Dura True Starter Kit a try would provide some insight that I may have missed, since it’s quite a while since I had an analog cigarette.

So at the very end of that review video, I brought in my son, Caleb, and had him give it a couple of vapes. He agreed to take the kit home and give it a try for a few days and then come back and give us a report.

I’ve tried the nicotine gum, the patches. They don’t work. This kit works for me. I don’t see any reason that I’d need or want anything else. You get the smoking action and the strength is good for starting out. 

Caleb-Starter Kit 02Caleb vaped the Tobacco Mild ejuice that comes with the kit, and also tried several other flavors of ejuice. He found that the Tobacco Mild was very similar in flavor to what he’d been smoking. And while he hasn’t stopped smoking all together, in just the few days that’s he’s been using the Dura True Starter Kit he has cut down noticeably on his tobacco use.

One of the elements of the starter kit that Caleb really likes is its ease of use. Just fill the tank, attach it to the battery, push the button and you’re vaping. He admitted he’s not familiar with much of the vaping equipment that’s available, but thought that for his needs the Dura True Starter Kit was just fine.

It’s already helped me cut down on smoking in just a few days. I’m pretty confident it’ll help me quit as I keep using it.

After we finished the video shoot, Caleb took the Dura True Starter Kit with him, and borrowed some more ejuice. He’ll continue vaping, hopefully smoking less and less as he gets more use out of the starter kit. I’ll be encouraging him. And I’ll be ready to recommend his next vaping set up when he’s ready to move up.

American eLiquid Store provided the Dura True Starter Kit for Seven Report to review. And they’re sending Caleb a couple of bottles of different flavored ejuices to try too.

American eLiquid Store LogoYou can purchase the Dura True Starter Kit online from AmericaneLiquidStore.com.

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