The Raven EJuice Review

The Raven




Flavor Authenticity









  • Light bodied
  • Velvety texture
  • Great aroma
  • Authentic flavor
  • Organic ingredients


  • Hit is a little light
  • Slight tongue bite

If we hadn’t known the name of this ejuice, or read the flavor description before sampling it, we would have called it Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It tastes like one of those really expensive candies, smooth, almost velvety in texture. This is the first ejuice we’ve tested from Skull & Raven. They were kind enough to send a 15 ml bottle of The Raven and the three other flavors from their signature line of premium ejuices for us to try and review. The official Skull & Raven description of The Raven is, “The Raven, truly dark and mysterious was the perfect name for this flavor. Combining two different kinds of chocolate with a nice raspberry zing gives you sweet and sinister all in one satisfying flavor.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     24 MG
PG/VG Ratio       50/50

The Raven has a light, almost delicate body and offers a light throat hit. There is, occasionally, depending on how hard you draw, a slight tongue bite which we attribute to the raspberry flavor. It produces a fair amount of vapor that is extremely smooth. The aroma is extraordinarily pleasant, subtle and somewhat mysterious. It doesn’t come right out and scream “Chocolate Raspberry!” but rather teases you to lean in closer for another deep hit.

And the taste is marvelous. The two types of chocolate and the raspberry swirl around in your mouth in an almost perfect blend, except on those rare occasions when you draw a little too hard and the raspberry bites playfully at your tongue. But that doesn’t happen often, The Raven is a flavor to be savored, sipped rather than gulped, allowing it to linger in your mouth, caressing your taste buds.

We still haven’t quite figured out which two varieties of chocolate are in The Raven. If we had to guess, we’d say white chocolate and dark chocolate. The flavor is just too smooth and rich for it to be milk chocolate, but, we’ve been wrong before. One thing we know we’re not wrong about is just how good The Raven is.

The Raven is so smooth, delicate and at the same time rich and full of flavor it would make a perfect after dinner vape. Not a fast food dinner, but dinner from a fine restaurant. Vaping The Raven with a good cup of coffee would be a fitting finish to an excellent meal. But don’t limit yourself to vaping it only on special occasions, The Raven is good enough to find its way into your everyday ejuice rotation.

Skull & Raven offers The Raven in 15 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml sizes for $8, $15 and $28 respectively. Available nicotine levels are 12 MG, 18 MG and 24 MG. All of Skull & Raven’s ejuices are mixed in a 50/50 kosher food grade PG/VG ratio and include natural flavor extracts. We tested The Raven in a Kangertech Aerotank Mega powered by an Innokin iTaste MVP 2.

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