Seven Vaping Innovations We’d Like To See

The vaping world was built on innovation, thrives on it. Seems like every few weeks a new innovation comes to market; new coils, mods, tanks and ejuice formulas. But sometimes we can get a little impatient, and a little imaginative. We’ve compiled a list of seven vaping innovations we’d like to see. We present them in reverse order, from #7 to #1.

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This isn’t working

#7. Motorcycle Helmet Mod
I vape and I ride. Problem is, it’s nearly impossible to do both at the same time, especially since I always wear a full-face helmet. I imagine I’m not the only vaper with this problem. Whether you ride a motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV; you wear a helmet and both of your hands are constantly occupied with maneuvering your ride. What we need is a helmet mod. Either one that attaches to the helmet, like a Bluetooth communications system or a video camera mount, or, and this is the one we really like, the helmet as mod. Imagine a helmet with a mouthpiece inside and the tank and coil built into the body of the helmet. You’d almost never need to get off the bike!

dual tank crop
Our dual-tank mod prototype

6. Double Tank Mod
I love my Kangertech Aerotank Mega. Adjustable airflow, good looks, 3.8 ml capacity. But sometimes I get tired of vaping a certain ejuice before the tank is empty. And sometimes I’d just like to switch off for a little while. I don’t want to waste any ejuice by draining and cleaning the tank before it’s empty, especially for a short vape session with a new flavor. What would solve that problem is a mod with two tanks. Sure, the engineers would have to figure out how to power two tanks with one mod and how to configure a two-button system, but hey, that’s why they’re pulling down the big bucks.

5. Programmable Puff Counter
My Innokin iTaste MVP 2 has a puff counter, as do many mods. They are largely novelties. They reset to “0” every time you shut down the battery. What would be useful is a puff counter (or two) that remembered the count even if you shut down the battery and that you could program to count the puffs you’ve taken on a single coil and/or a tank of ejuice.

4. Smart Mod
Mods are getting smarter, what with ohms meters, variable wattage and voltage, puff counters, digital displays, passthrough capability, calendars and more. What I’d really like to see though is a mod that’s “smart” like a smartphone. With a talking assistant, sort of like Siri. We could call it “Vapi.” It could tell you how much ejuice was left in your tank. Equip it with GPS and it could tell you when you’re close to a vape shop and give turn-by-turn directions. You could personalize it, have it call you “Night Rider” or something. And it could tell you how much life was left in your current coil.

3. Permanent Coil
The coils are the second most frequently replaced component of any vaping outfit, after the ejuice. I realize a “permanent” coil might cut into the profit margins of coil manufacturers so deeply as to eventually drive them out of business. But how about a coil with a lifespan measured not in days or weeks, but months. I’d pay a premium price for a coil that I could get six months of vaping out of.

2. Universal Coil
If you own more than two or three tanks made by more than two or three manufacturers you have to buy three or four or more different brand coils. Kanger has done a good job making their coils interchangeable within a large number of their tanks. What would make a lot of sense, at least from a consumer perspective, would be to have some sort of standard established for coils that would allow a Kanger coil to fit an iClear or Aspire tank. Go ahead and let them keep making coils of different resistances, everyone has their favorite. But universal coils would eliminate a lot of potential confusion and finding yourself with two full boxes of coils, but none that will work in your favorite tank.

1. A Definitive Study On The Health Effects Of Vaping
I would certainly welcome a study by a disinterested third party, one with no stake in the outcome, that stands to gain or lose nothing based on the results. I believe (and I’m pretty sure many vapers feel similarly) that at worst such a study would show that vaping is far less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. At best it may actually bear out other studies which have indicated there may be some health benefits to nicotine. And while nothing may fully silence the critics in “public” health, the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, such a study would surely expose their fear-mongering, lies and propaganda as the desperate measures of those trying to cling to their funding and livelihoods. Cause if we could prove the minimum of what we know, that vaping is the most effective means of quitting smoking, it would render much of their fundraising efforts, their very professional existence, as extraordinarily unnecessary.

So that’s my list of Seven Vaping Innovations We’d Like To See. If you’re a manufacturer or tinkerer and any of these ideas actually seem workable, please remember where you heard them. And if you have any ideas for vaping innovations, we’d love to hear them, just leave them in the comments section below.


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