Vape Mail From Stella Blues Vapors

Stella-Chocolate CakeYou know it’s going to be a great weekend when you get vape mail! This shipment is from Stella Blues Vapors. They sent four flavors of ejuice, a couple of stickers and a pen mod lanyard. We’ve already started vaping one of the flavors, Twisted Fruit, and we’re loving it!

Here are the four flavors in this shipment of vape mail, and the official description of each from Stella Blues Vapors’ website.

Twisted Fruit–Tropical and Mediterranean Twist of fruit. Two of the best worlds in the class of fruits, one side creates a warm blend of mangoes, guava and oranges to create a subtle citrus blend. The other side of this crazy twisted juice is the Mediterranean blends of fruit, like tangerine, strawberries, pears and a tint of peaches! Truly an insatiable blend of the greatest fruits this world has to offer!

Pimp Juice–The players ball cocktail, mostly consisting of hypnotic alcohol, with grape undertones.

Spearmint–This amazing Spearmint EJuice has a flavor full combination of Double Mint Gum which is tasty and chilly! For the menthol lovers!

Chocolate Cake–Deeply rich chocolate cakey goodness!

Be looking for our first review in the next couple of days. We always vape at least a couple of tanks of ejuice before reviewing it. Learn more about Stella Blues Vapors at their website here.

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