Latest Shipment From Stella Blues Vapors

My Thanksgiving weekend got an early start, vape mail from Stella Blues Vapors! Four mouth-watering flavors of ejuice were in this latest shipment of vape mail. Here they are, with the official product descriptions from Stella Blues Vapors website:

Candy Cane: Peppermint candy cane.

Breakfast Combustion: Waking up in the morning, people always love coffee, or food! So here is our version of a nutritutious style of a breakfast bar to help jump start you day! It’s a sweet Fig Newton type fruit bar, consisting of raspberry, apple, and a tint of blueberries! I wonder if the ol’ Tart toter had something to do with this one!

Grandma’s Goods: Freshly baked apple pie.

Coffee Beanz: Rich black caramel coffee beanz. Having trouble starting your day? Maybe you just feel like some awesome Coffee Beanz EJuice and realize you left you money at home? No worries, vape on Coffee Beanz EJuice and enjoy the taste of coffee all day long. Need that extra kick in the morning? Add a caffeine shot and in no time flat you will be zooming around the office as if you just drank a pot of coffee.

sbv vape mail 02I can’t wait till the turkey, sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole are finished and they bring out the pumpkin pie tomorrow. I’ll be vaping some of Stella Blues Vapors’ Coffee Beanz along with a cup of hot coffee with my pie. Now that will be a Thanksgiving meal to remember.

Look for our reviews of all four of these ejuice flavors over the course of the next week or two. And happy Thanksgiving!

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