Seven Ways Vaping Beats Smoking

Allow us to state the obvious here; vaping is far superior to smoking. Most vapers were smokers who made the transition to vaping in an effort to stop smoking. Many of us started vaping and stopped smoking completely on the same day. For others that transition took a little longer. And there are some who dual-use, both vaping and smoking. But there are still millions of smokers who have never tried vaping. For all of the above we provide Seven Ways Vaping Beats Smoking. There are probably dozens of other ways, but these are the seven that first occurred to us.

Smoking produces lots of dirty waste.
Smoking produces lots of dirty waste.

7. Waste. With vaping there is virtually no waste. Tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, are masters of manufacturing waste. From the moment you light a cigarette, it’s burning, whether you’re inhaling or not. If you’re smoking while having a conversation or a cup of coffee or just sitting there, as much as 50% of the smoke the cigarette produces is just floating away into the atmosphere, being wasted. With vaping, virtually 100% of the vapor produced by the ejuice is being inhaled. That’s because you control when the juice is being vaporized. Then there’s the waste produced during the burning process and once you extinguish the cigarette, ash and a nasty butt. Vaping produces none of that waste.

smoking in rain 016. Indoor Use. If you’re a smoker and have a job, chances are you have to go outside to grab a smoke. If it’s raining, snowing, freezing or 100°, you still have to go outside to smoke. Whether you’re at work, a restaurant, a hotel, just about anywhere but your own home you have to go outdoors to smoke. And if you live with non-smokers or in an apartment building, you may not even be able to smoke inside your own home. Some communities won’t even allow you to smoke outdoors in certain public areas. Vaping isn’t subject to nearly as many restrictions, at least not yet. Some ill-informed communities have enacted or are considering regulations on where you may vape. [Editor’s Note: This is one reason vapers should be informed about pending regulations in their communities. CASA and AVA are great resources for keeping up with the latest developments in this area.] Since vaping doesn’t produce smoke, which lingers and clings to things, and the vaper doesn’t contain the dangerous components of smoke, at the very least vapers can vape indoors during nasty weather when they’re at home, even if they live in the most restrictive of communities.

smoke dollar sign 015. Cost. The initial cost of vaping may seem a tad high to some smokers. Your basic gas station disposable cig-alike may run a little higher than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. But once you’re ready to move up to a refillable set up you’ll really start seeing the savings. In fact, you’ll save enough to be able to upgrade mods and tanks several times a year and still have some savings left over. We actually ran the numbers, using a couple of different scenarios. There’s no real accurate conversion table for how many cigarettes equals how many ml of ejuice, so we put together a number of possibilities, all of which show that vaping will save you anywhere from over $1,000 to several hundred per year.

Let’s say that you smoked a pack a day and you purchased your tobacco cigarettes by the carton and a carton cost you $45. You’d go through 36.5 cartons a year at a cost of $1642.50. Now if you vaped 6 ml of ejuice a day (which is about two tanks or so using a Kangertech Aerotank Mega, and that’s a pretty hefty habit) and you purchased your ejuice in 15 ml bottles for $10 each, then your annual ejuice cost would be $1,460, or a savings of $182.50. Again, we haven’t found any kind of cigarettes/ejuice consumption conversion formula anywhere, but we think that a pack a day cigarette habit doesn’t translate to that level of ejuice consumption, but even if it did, you see the savings. And if you purchased your ejuice in 30 ml bottles the cost per ml would be even lower, say $15 per bottle and your annual cost would then go down to $1,095, and your savings would go up to $547.50. [Editor’s Note: We low-balled the cost of a carton of tobacco cigarettes for this article, different areas of the country see prices that are extremely higher. And we took ejuice pricing from actual local vape shops and online retailers.]

big tobacco 014. Big Tobacco Hates Vaping. Anything that pokes big tobacco and takes money from their bottom line is a plus. This industry is in league with Satan himself, they’ve sold their souls. And for decades have kept smokers coming back to their death-inducing products. And then there was vaping. A safe way to get your nicotine fix without any of the deadly combustibles in tobacco smoke. Big tobacco came late to the vaping party and they’ve stubbornly fixated on those crappy closed system cigalikes. You’d think that any industry that generated $94 Billion in annual sales would have a little more business sense than that.

If they had any honor, big tobacco would have embraced open system refillable vaping equipment, researched and developed it and championed it as a way to quit using their slow suicide product. They would have voluntarily started to phase out tobacco combustion cigarettes and transitioned smokers to vaping. They could have owned the industry. But these are not honorable people. They are without morals, without honor, without conscience. They are petty, spiteful, greedy and vengeful. Why else would they put more strongly worded warnings on their own cigalike products than they do on their tobacco products? It seems their only reason for being in the vaping business at all is to whittle away at the smaller, independent, innovative companies until they can secure legislation and regulations at local and federal levels that will deliver a death blow to many of those independent vape business. So, to more fully flip a great big bird at big tobacco, stay away from any of the vaping products that they produce, including Blu, Vuse, MarkTen and, in the UK, Vype. And encourage your smoking friends to start vaping by taking them to your local vape shop which (hopefully) is smart enough to not carry those inferior products. [Editor’s Note: Still another reason to get involved in protecting our rights to vape. Big tobacco is at war with vaping and see us as the enemy.] 

stinky cig 013. Smell. To be perfectly honest, there were times when the aroma of a freshly lit tobacco cigarette was enjoyable. But that never lasted for long, and it didn’t happen often. The smoke of tobacco cigarettes lingers and clings, making smokers and anything in the immediate area stink. If not right away, then eventually, especially after repeated exposure to the smoke. The aroma produced by vaping is pleasant, yet temporary. Since it’s vapor, it doesn’t cling to you, your clothes, your car, your drapes or furniture.

marlboro-menthol 012. Flavors. With tobacco cigarettes you have two flavor options, tobacco and menthol. Granted, that may be because legislation has limited big tobacco in what flavors they may offer, but it doesn’t make it any less true. With vaping you have dozens, maybe even hundreds of flavor options, with more being developed and introduced every week. [Editor’s Note: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is one more reason for vapers to be active in protecting our rights. Big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, along with public health agencies see the wide variety of flavors available to vapers as a major problem and are working to limit them.]

smoking death 011. Vaping Won’t Kill You. We know that smoking kills. Or at the very least there is strong evidence linking smoking with all kinds of respiratory ailments, up to and including lung cancer. And it’s not the nicotine that’s doing all of that damage. It’s the chemicals that are created (some by design of big tobacco to make their product even more addictive) during the combustion process. To be honest, not all smokers develop lung cancer. Some people can smoke their entire lives with little or no visible signs of respiratory distress. And there are people who suffer from lung cancer and other conditions who have never smoked. So there is no one-to-one correlation between smoking and disease. Smoking is more like playing Russian roulette. Playing it with a six-shot revolver with five rounds in it, but hey, if you can live with those odds, by all means, keep on smoking. Vaping is more like drinking coffee. A lot of coffee maybe, but take away the carcinogens produced by combustion and all you’re left with when you vape is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, distilled water, nicotine (all of which are approved for inhalation in medical devices) and flavoring. In fact, some studies have implied that there may be neurological benefits to nicotine. At the very least, vaping is a much less dangerous activity than smoking. And we’re pretty sure that someday, someone will do a definitive study on the effects of vaping and the results will show that vaping is (relatively) harmless, especially when compared to smoking.


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