Kanger Subtank Plus Black Edition Review

Subtank Plus Black Edition













  • Includes a Ni 200 coil
  • Massive 7.0 ml capacity
  • RBA Mini Plus deck
  • Striking good looks


  • Prone to ejuice seepage
  • Threading a little stiff

If there’s anything that Kangertech knows the value of, it’s brand extension. It wasn’t long after they introduced the first Subtank that they began adding a variety of sizes, the Mini, the Nano and the Plus (click on each name for our review). They followed up those models with the introduction of another brand extension, that of the KBOX. When Kanger launched the KBOX Mini they packaged it with color co-ordinated versions of the Subtank Mini and dubbed it the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit (our review is here), available in white and black.

That’s to be followed by the SUBOX Nano Starter Kit, which will include a KBOX Nano and color co-ordinated versions of the Subtank Nano in black, purple and pink. The SUBOX Nano is currently available for pre-order.

Subtank Plus Black box 01Somewhere in the midst of all of that, Kangertech has been working on a new version of the Subtank Plus, also with that aqueous ceramic coating, in black. This will be the only colored version of the Subtank Plus and I haven’t heard anything about a companion KBOX Plus to go along with it, and I’m not expecting to. As with the colored versions of the Subtank Mini, the Subtank Plus Black Edition maintains the same specs as the original model, but there are a few differences, even beyond that deep, rich black ceramic coating.

The Subtank Plus Black Edition is 510 threaded, is a beefy 25 mm in diameter and has a massive 7.0 ml ejuice capacity. Beneath that ceramic coating is stainless steel, the tank is made of strengthened Pyrex and the removable drip tip is Delrin. The adjustable airflow system remains the same “reliable air flow” with three different settings.

Like the entire Subtank line, with the exception of the Nano, the Subtank Plus Black Edition is shipped with Kanger’s latest version of the Mini RBA Plus Base. Two OCC (organic cotton coil) atomizers are included, but here’s the major difference, besides that ceramic coating, between the original Plus and the Black Edition. The first OCC is rated at 0.2 ohm. The second is an Ni 200 coil for use ONLY with temperature control mods, and it’s rated at 0.15 ohm.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Subtank Plus Black Edition
  • 1 X Ni 200 OCC 0.15 ohm coil
  • 1 X OCC 0.2 ohm coil (Kanthal)
  • 1 X Mini RBA Plus base
  • 2 X Mini RBA 0.5 ohm coils
  • 1 X Replacement Pyrex tank
  • 1 X Package of organic Japanese cotton
  • 1 X Screwdriver
  • 2 X RBA deck screws
  • 2 X RBA cover screws
  • 3 X O-rings
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: All of the Subtanks are excellent performers, and the Plus Black Edition is as good as them all, maybe better considering the resistance ratings on the coils Kangertech includes in the package. The organic Japanese cotton allows the full flavor of your ejuice to come through in huge, billowy clouds.

The 0.2 ohm coil has a suggested wattage range of 25 – 80 watts, while the Ni 200 0.15 ohm coil has a more limited range of 20 – 45 watts. Those suggested ranges are etched into the side of each coil. And the O-rings at the bottom of each coil are color coded so you can easily tell the difference between the Ni 200, blue, and the standard Kanthal, red. Again, the Ni 200 coil is only suitable for use with a temperature control mod, do not try to use it with a standard device.

subtank plus black open boxFeatures: Once again, Kangertech has managed to upgrade the features on this latest addition to the Subtank line. The ceramic coating is the most obvious new feature, but the inclusion of two sub ohm coils, including the Ni 200 is a significant move.

The airflow control, with three settings, allows you to fine tune the draw of the Plus Black Edition. And the inclusion of the Mini RBA Plus deck should keep experienced rebuilders happy. And with two pre-wrapped coils and a package of organic Japanese cotton, this tank is a natural for vapers who are just getting into rebuilding.

The extra O-rings and spare Pyrex tank are the icing on this cakey feature set. And the 7.0 ml capacity will mean fewer refills, especially when using the Plus Black Edition with a temperature control mod, which are generally more economical when it comes to ejuice and battery consumption.

Quality: Like all the Subtanks before it, the Plus Black Edition suffers a little in this area thanks to its tendency for ejuice seepage, especially with the Kanthal coil installed. I’ve read that this may be due to under wicking in these coils, not enough cotton to effectively absorb the ejuice pulled into the coil. Whatever the cause, it’s not excessive, though it can at times be a little frustrating and messy. I found that the Ni 200 coil wasn’t quite as prone to seepage, though it’s certainly not immune either.

The only other minor quality issue seemed to dissipate the longer I used the tank. That airflow control and overall threading were very stiff when I first opened up the Plus Black Edition. It may have been due to the ceramic coating. As I used it though, it did seem to loosen up a bit.

With those two exceptions, the Plus Black Edition is, like all the Kanger products, a quality device. The OCC heads continue to deliver superior flavor without any taste interference from the cotton. And they tend to last for at least a couple of weeks of heavy vaping.

It seemed to me that the Plus Black Edition is a little quieter than the original, or any of the other Subtanks for that matter. The draw is a little tighter, especially on the smaller two settings, but I’ll gladly trade that for a less breathy sounding tank.

Subtank Plus Black on modLooks: The original Subtank Plus was a good-looking, impressive tank with all of its stainless steel and Pyrex. The Plus Black Edition maintains the imposing size and that rich black ceramic coating is simply beautiful, if a little sinister, depending on the mod you attach it to. This is an extremely attractive tank.

Price/Value: I’ve not been able to determine the price of the Subtank Plus Black Edition, or its release date. Based on the price of the original Subtank Plus, and allowing for a slight increase due to the ceramic coating, this will still be a solid deal. Especially with the inclusion of that Ni 200 coil. Many other off-the-shelf sub ohm tanks don’t include all of the extras that Kangertech does, like the extra Pyrex tank, the Ni 200 coil, the RBA Mini Plus deck and package of cotton. Even if the Plus Black Edition is priced $5 – $10 higher than the original, it would be a worthwhile investment.

If this will be your first sub ohm tank, prepare to pay a little more for replacement coils, though I was surprised to learn that the Ni 200 coils are priced the same as the standard Kanthal coils. That extra price for these coils is worth it just for the superior flavor they provide, but they also last a good deal longer. Keep in mind that you should prime these coils before first using them by placing a few drops of ejuice directly into the top of the coil and a drop or two into each ejuice port on the sides of the coil. If you don’t do that you’re likely to burn up that cotton and ruin the coil.

Two other things to keep in mind, especially since the only coils that are included with the Plus Black Edition are both sub ohm, you must have a mod that’s capable of firing those coils. The Kangertech KBOX Mini will only fire coils down to 0.3 ohm, which means it’s not capable of firing either of the coils packaged with this tank.

And for what must be at the least third time now, do not attempt to use the Ni 200 coil, the one with the blue O-ring at the bottom, with a standard mod. It will only work with a temperature control mod.

With the Subtank Plus Black Edition and the upcoming release of the SUBOX Nano, I’m not sure how much more Kangertech can extend the Subtank line. But they’ve surprised me before. Once I get a firm date on the release of the Plus Black Edition I’ll post an update, and once Kanger or one of Seven Report’s other product suppliers has it available for sale I’ll add a link below. And be watching for an upcoming Seven Report review of the SUBOX Nano, that should be arriving from Kanger any day now.

I tested the Kangertech Subtank Plus Black Edition on an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt mod using the standard Kanthal coil, and on a an Asmodus Snow Wolf 200 Watt Temperature Control mod using the Ni 200 coil. Kangertech provided the Subtank Plus Black Edition for the purpose of this review.

If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when I’ve posted an update with the price and where you can purchase the Subtank Plus Black Edition.

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