First Look: VaporFi VOX II Starter Kit

I think this has happened enough in the past few months that we can safely call it a trend, manufacturers releasing new mods packaged with new or updated tanks and calling that combination a starter kit. Joyetech has done it with the eVic VT packaged with the eGo ONE Mega VT tank, Kangertech did it with the KBOX Mini and Subtank Mini, calling that combination the SUBOX Mini. And VaporFi has now done it with the VOX II Mod and your choice of one of three tanks, the Bolt RDA, Rebel Tank, or Volt Hybrid Tank, marketing that combination as the VOX II Starter Kit.

Don’t let that “starter kit” moniker fool you. None of these are “beginner” kits. Certainly not the VOX II Starter Kit. This is an advanced, variable wattage mod and all of the available tank options are slick and appropriate for the most advanced vapers. The use of the term “starter” is probably indicative of the fact that these kits include most, if not all, of what you need to start vaping right out of the box, except for the ejuice.

VOX II Kit Open BoxesVaporFi is, to the best of my knowledge, the only company that gives vapers the option of choosing which tank is included in their starter kit. And of the three mentioned above, Joyetech’s eVic VT and Kangertech’s SUBOX Mini, VaporFi is the only one to offer their new mod as part of the kit or for individual purchase. You can’t, at least as of this writing, purchase an eVic VT or KBOX Mini without buying the entire kit.

Seven Report received the VOX II Mod and Volt Hybrid Tank edition of the starter kit, and this “First Look” will deal with both components. I’ll separate the mod and tank for full, in-depth reviews, since you can purchase them as the starter kit or as stand alone items. Those reviews will be published in the next week or so, after I’ve had a chance to use the VOX II and Volt extensively.

So let’s get our first look at the VaporFi VOX II Starter Kit.


VOX II Mod Open BoxThe VOX II is a 50 watt, variable wattage (VW) box mod, with a range of 7 – 50 watts in 0.1 watt increments. The VOX II also has 5 programmable preset wattage settings, so once you’ve found your sweet spot for a particular ejuice or tank you can access it with the push of a button. The unit will fire coils from 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm.

An included, replaceable 18650 battery powers the VOX II. You can charge the battery while it’s in the device (no need for an external battery charger) with the included micro USB cable, though no wall adapter for the cable is included. And the VOX II has pass through capability, allowing you to continue vaping while the battery is charging.

A bright, sharp, easy to read OLED display shows selected wattage, voltage, resistance of the attached atomizer and battery level. In the preset mode the display shows which of your presets you’ve selected and the wattage of that preset.

The VOX II is a solid, good looking mod with loads of features, including all of the standard safety features like low voltage, reverse battery, high voltage, and temperature protection. It’s 510 threaded and that connection is spring loaded. It has lock feature which keeps you from inadvertently changing your wattage setting. The body is stainless steel and VaporFi offers a rubber silicone sleeve in five colors, red, black, blue, pink and clear.

At 94 mm it’s a little taller than some other 50 watt mods, like the Kanger KBOX Mini or the Eleaf iStick, but it still fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This is a good looking, solid feeling mod.

Volt Hybrid Tank

Volt Tank Open BoxVaporFi contracted with Kangertech to build the Volt, basing it on the popular Subtank Mini. But this is not simply a Subtank clone. VaporFi had some very particular thoughts on how to improve on the Subtank, including much larger ejuice flow ports on the Mini RBA base.

The Volt holds 4.5 ml of ejuice and has dual adjustable air flow control, with air flow ports on two sides of the tank. It comes with two OCC (organic cotton coil) atomizers, one rated at 1.2 ohm with a suggested range of 12-25 watts, and the other rated at 0.5 ohm with a wattage range of 15-30 watts. It also comes with that Mini RBA base with one coil installed and a spare, both rated at 0.5 ohm.

Also included with the Volt is a package of organic Japanese cotton, a screw driver, spare screws and O-rings and an extra Pyrex tank. The body of the Volt is stainless steel. It’s 22 mm in diameter.

While it does resemble the Subtank, the Volt isn’t identical to it. The knurling on the base is different, and VaporFi’s signature green is well represented via the O-rings. The Volt is a good looking, sturdy tank.

First Impressions

VOX II Kit assembledAfter unboxing the VOX II Starter Kit and reading the instruction manuals for both the mod and the Volt Hybrid Tank, I was eager to get vaping. And this kit did not disappoint. My vape experience vaping with it produced loads of flavorful vapor. The buttons are easy reach and manipulate. The OLED display provides plenty of information. And the OCC in the Volt tank allows the pure flavor of the ejuice to come through without interference.

Two minor issues were apparent during this first look, but neither are disastrous or deal breakers. The first is covered in the owners manual for the VOX II. The battery pin located in the battery cap, that little circular copper piece, needed to be adjusted slightly to make full contact with the battery. If you buy a VOX II Starter Kit and the mod doesn’t turn on, this is most likely the cause. The other minor issue is the placement of the micro USB port on the bottom of the VOX II. I would have preferred it on the side of the unit, but again, this certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with the VOX II and the Volt. I’ll be using them together, exclusively for the next few days to a week, playing around the preset wattage functions and that Mini RBA. Then I’ll come back with a full, in-depth review on each individual component. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Face Book you’ll find out through those avenues when those reviews are live.


You can order the VaporFi VOX II Starter Kit here.

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