Forge Eliquid & Coil Master Vape Mail

Two packages of vape mail arrived at Seven Report today, one that I was expecting and one that was a surprise.

The first came from Coil Master, one of their 521 Tab coil building decks. We published a first look at the 521 Tab a short time back, check it out here.

CM 521 TABThe second package was from American eLiquid Store. It contained the entire 10 flavor menu of a brand new ejuice line, Forge Eliquid. Each of these flavors is designed to hold up under high temperatures for outstanding flavor no matter your temperature or wattage settings. The flavors are:

Artisan Vanilla: A clean vanilla flavor, pure vanilla vape at any temperature.

Blueberry Boss: Blueberry custard with a heavy dairy cream that grows stronger with higher temperatures.

Crucible Cream: Strawberries and cream that gives you more strawberry at lower temps and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.

Forge Eliquid bottlesFirebrick: A sweet and creamy cinnamon with just enough heat to glow without melting.

Georgia Striker: A peach flavor so sweet and juicy, it doesn’t even need the tea to complete it.

Jacked Apple: Flame seared harvest apple with a smoky touch of cinnamon and graham.

Molten Berry: Sweet raspberry with a light tartness at low heat and mouth wateringly sweet at higher temps.

Melon Quench: A juicy, wet watermelon flavor that stays light even at high heat. Add heat for a unique sour touch.

Smith’s Apple: A clean and sweet Grannysmith apple with just the right amount of tart.

Tempered Citrus: A blend of juicy sweet orange and a dash of cranberry complimented by a light graham cracker crumble.

Forge Eliquid logo 256X256

I’ll be vaping each of these flavors extensively and posting an individual in-depth review on each one. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when those reviews are live.

And be sure to come back to Seven Report beginning Monday 1/18/16. That’s when our next American eLiquid Store give away opens. This month’s prize, a 50 ml bottle of each of the 10 flavors on the Forge Eliquid menu, that’s 500 ml of ejuice!

Thanks again to American eLiquid Store and Coil Master for today’s vape mail.

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