Old Time Tobacco EJuice Review

Old Time Tobacco




Flavor Authenticity









  • Medium Bodied
  • Authentic Tobacco Taste
  • Hint of Sweetness
  • Coffee Undertones


  • Light Tobacco Aroma
  • Slight Aftertaste

Old Time Tobacco from Vapes Gone Wild (VGW) in Newnan, GA is our official all-day vape at Seven Report. It’s one of more than a dozen tobacco varieties offered by VGW. The official VGW description for this flavor is, “Old Time Tobacco has light undertones of coffee but is full of flavor!”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      24 MG
PG/VG Ratio       40/60

 Old Time Tobacco has a medium body and offers a mild-to-medium throat hit with plenty of vapor. The taste is as close to real tobacco as any we’ve sampled, with a hint of sweetness and subtle coffee undertones. If there’s any downside to this ejuice it’s that it leaves the slightest of aftertastes and, since it’s a tobacco flavor, the aroma is reminiscent of actual tobacco, and this may be objectionable in some settings. But the aroma is far from overpowering and shouldn’t be much of problem save for in the most confined, air tight spaces.

This is a great flavor for anyone who still longs for the taste of a traditional tobacco cigarette. We favor Old Time Tobacco in the morning with that first cup of coffee and after meals; the times when we used to most enjoy a smoke.

Here’s the video version of this review:

Vapes Gone Wild offers Old Time Tobacco in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes starting at $4.99 per bottle. You can pick some up at their brick-n-mortar store, or order online. Just click on the link under their logo below.

We tested Old Time Tobacco in an EVOD 2 from Kanger Tech.

Order from Vapes Gone Wild here.
Order from Vapes Gone Wild here.

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