Mocha Espresso EJuice Review

Mocha Espresso




Flavor Authenticity









  • Rich, smooth taste
  • Great aroma


  • Hit isn't as strong as expected

Mocha Espresso is one of our favorite vapes. We purchased this bottle from Vapes Gone Wild (VGW) in Newnan, GA. This is actually my wife’s all-day vape, so it wasn’t the easiest of tasks to get a clearomizer full for review purposes. VGW lists Mocha Espresso under their heavily populated “drinks” section of flavors. The official description of this flavor is, “A delightfully tasting mocha blend vape. This vape has a dark rich taste.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      24 MG
PG/VG Ratio      40/60

Mocha Espresso has a mild to medium body. The bottle we reviewed was mixed on August 14, three full weeks before this review, so it had plenty of time to steep and attain full flavor. The hit of the vape seems to have mellowed over those three weeks, and that accounts for the relatively low score in that area. The hit is among the mildest we’ve had, especially from a vape as dark as this one.

The flavor is just a tad on the dark side, and comes pretty close to an actual cup of mocha espresso. There’s just a hint of nutty sweetness teasing you from under the primary espresso taste. Mocha Espresso produces a smooth, almost silky, lung-full of vapor that’s easy going down.

Maybe the best thing about this vape is the aroma. If you’re a lover of flavored coffee, enjoy hanging out in coffee shops or brewing your own at home, then you’re going to fall in love with the aroma of Mocha Espresso. Close your eyes. Take a nice long draw of vape and then exhale slowly. When you open up your eyes again you’ll half expect to find yourself sitting in the corner of your favorite coffee shop. Not right on top of the espresso machine, but close enough for that dark aroma to waft across the room and tempt you into having another cup. That’s what Mocha Espresso smells like.

Here’s the video version of this review

We especially enjoy Mocha Espresso in the evening, when the day is wearing down and we can relax with a nice rich vape. If you’re a fan of silky, smooth flavored espresso drinks, then you’re going to enjoy vaping Mocha Espresso.

Vapes Gone Wild offers Mocha Espresso in their standard 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes. Prices start at $4.99. The week of this review VGW had named Mocha Espresso their flavor of the week, which means that they halved the price. We picked up a 50ml bottle!

We tested Mocha Espresso in the EVOD 2 from Kanger Tech.


Order from Vapes Gone Wild here.
Order from Vapes Gone Wild here.

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