Kamry K1000 EPipe Review

Kamry K1000 EPipe













  • Unique styling
  • Solid build
  • Complete kit
  • Accepts multiple tanks


  • A little underpowered
  • Kind of a one-trick pony

The first time I ever walked into a vape shop it was a little overwhelming. So much to learn, so many questions, so many options. As I walked around and browsed the display case I kept coming back to something that had attracted my attention almost the moment I walked in, the Kamry K1000 EPipe. Back then, August 2014, it was still fairly new to the market, and priced accordingly, $64.99. That was a little more than I wanted to pay for my first vape kit, so I opted for the Kangertech EVOD 2.

But I kept looking at that EPipe every time I went to the vape shop. By the time I was ready to upgrade there were newer, more powerful, more fully-functioned mods available, so time after time I left the shop without the Kamry K1000. Then a few weeks back I opened a package of vape mail from my friends at Stella Blues Vapors and along with some delicious ejuice there was a silver Kamry K1000 EPipe!

Kamry K1000 contentsI filled the tank, popped in a battery and vaped away. The K1000 produced a surprising amount of flavorful vapor. I used the EPipe for about a week and then I made a mistake. I showed it to my son. My son has been trying vaping for several months now, but still only does it part time. He took one look at the Kamry K1000 and said something like, “Now if I had one of those I might vape more often.” What’s a father to do? I handed him the K1000. I haven’t gotten it back yet.

The Kamry K1000 EPipe is a mech mod, or mechanical mod, meaning that it has no circuitry, electronics or software. It’s simply a battery that fires when you hit the button and heats an attached coil to vaporize ejuice. Very simple. It’s powered by an 18350 battery and is 510/eGo threaded so it’ll accept most tanks.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X zippered case
  • 1 X K1000 Pipe body
  • 1 X Kamry X6 V2 tank with installed 2.4 ohm coil
  • 1 X Battery charger
  • 1 X Long stem drip tip
  • 2 X IMR 18350, 900 mAh batteries
  • 1 X Owners Manual

Performance: The K1000 does what it’s supposed to do, it fires when you push the button. And it does it every time. The included 18350 battery delivers 3.7 volts, which with the included 2.4 ohm coil in the X6 V2 tank works out to about 6 watts. Not an amazing amount of power, but it does produce a surprising amount of vapor for that limited power.

Features: This is a mech mod, so there are no built in bells and whistles, no OLED display, no variable anything. But Kamry has packaged the K1000 with everything you need to enjoy uninterrupted vaping, two batteries and a charger. So if you plan ahead a little you’ll always have a fully charged battery on hand. They even include a nice zippered case to carry everything with you. The only thing you’ll need to get started vaping is a bottle of ejuice, and, eventually another coil.

Quality: One of the nice things about a mech mod is that there’s very little that can go wrong, no displays to fail, no extraneous buttons to get stuck. The Kamry K1000 EPipe is well crafted and solid. It fits your hand well and is easy to fire. And it’s heavy duty enough to survive the occasional knock over.

Kamry K1000 colorsLooks: This is where the K1000 makes up for what it lacks in power, if you’re pipe fan. For some it seem a little like a novelty unit. For others it’s just what they’re looking for. Kamry offers the EPipe in a wide variety of colors including red, silver, blue, green, pink, purple, black and wood grain.

Price/Value: I’ve seen the Kamry K1000 EPipe listed for as much as $65 and as little as $40. Keeping mind that it comes with two batteries and a battery charger, if you can find it for around $40, and you’re a fan of its pipe shape, then I’d say it’s a decent deal. Sure, you can find higher powered mods with loads more features for a comparable price, but none of them will give you that British secret agent vibe that the K1000 will.

Kamry K1000-JWRThe Kamry K1000 EPipe is a distinctive looking mod. If it’ll help you start or continue vaping and keep you or someone you care about from smoking, go for it. I’m hoping it does that for my son. He certainly seems to be enjoying it. Stella Blues Vapors provided the Kamry K1000 EPipe I and my son used for this review, but I can’t find it available on their website. Still, they were nice enough to send it, so check them out, they carry a wide variety of mods, tanks, rebuildables and loads of truly wonderful ejuice. There’s a link below to their website.

Only one of the suppliers who have worked with Seven Report actually does carry the EPipe, Vapes Gone Wild in Newnan, GA. They also happen to be my local vape shop. They list it on their website for $64.99. There’s a link to their site below as well.


Check out the mods, ejuice and more available from Stella Blues Vapors.

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You can order the Kamry K1000 EPipe from Vapes Gone Wild.

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