VaporFi vSix Tank Review

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  • Ships with 3 types of coils
  • Solid construction
  • Top filling


  • Pyrex not replaceable
  • Some condensation at fill lid

VaporFi continues to release high quality, premium vaping products, both hardware and ejuice. One of their latest releases, the vSix Tank, came to Seven Report as part of the VOX 60 TC Starter Kit, which includes the tank and the new VOX 60 TC mod. I published a “First Look” piece on the starter kit as a unit. But since VaporFi also offers each component individually, I’ll do an individual in-depth reviews on each.

The VaporFi vSix Tank is a top-filler with an ejuice capacity of 6 ml. It has adjustable airflow and adjustable ejuice flow controls. VaporFi packages the vSix Tank with three different types of coil; a 0.45 ohm single coil, a 0.25 ohm dual coil and a 0.25 ohm Ni 200 coil. The suggested wattage range on the single coil is 10 – 35 watts, 10 – 50 watts on the dual coil and 10 – 60 watts with a temperature range up to 450° F for the Ni 200 coil.

To fill the vSix Tank simply unscrew the top lid and pour ejuice into one of the two holes, then replace the lid. VaporFi does suggest closing both the ejuice and airflow ports fully while filling the tank.

vf vsix air-juice flowTo adjust the ejuice flow twist the collar of the tank (just below the fill lid) to expose or block more or less of the ejuice ports on the attached coil. VaporFi recommends leaving the ejuice ports wide open when using higher VG ejuice. I experimented with the ejuice flow control a little and found that with the ports partially closed the vapor was a little warmer.

The airflow control on the vSix Tank is located at the base of the tank. There are two large ports that are adjustable anywhere from fully open to fully closed. Just twist the collar at the base of the tank to adjust the airflow.

The base of the VaporFi vSix Tank unscrews to allow you change coils or to clean out the tank when changing flavors of ejuice. The VaporFi coils for the vSix are all OCC (organic cotton coils), so you’ll want to be sure to prime them and allow them to become fully saturated with ejuice before using them for the first time.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X vSix Tank 
  • 1 X Single 0.45 ohm coil (installed) 
  • 1 X Dual 0.25 ohm coil 
  • 1 X Ni 200 0.25 ohm coil 
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: The heart of any tank is its coil. It doesn’t matter how much ejuice it holds or how good it looks or how finely you can adjust airflow. If the coil in the tank doesn’t turn your ejuice into richly flavored vapor it’s not a very good tank. A number of tank manufacturers make a variety of coils for their tanks, TC coils, coils with different ohm ratings and a variety of suggested wattage ranges. And VaporFi does the same for the vSix Tank.

vf vsix parts 01VaporFi ships the vSix with what many would consider the least of the coils installed in the tank, the single coil 0.45 ohm Stainless Steel OCC. This coil has a maximum suggested wattage of 35 watts. When I first read that I thought, “How much vapor or flavor am I going to get out of this thing?” I was tempted to swap it for the dual coil for my first vape, but ultimately decided to give the single coil a go. I was more than pleasantly surprised.

That coil has been a workhorse, producing loads of vapor that’s full of flavor. It’s worked so well that I’ve been more than content to run it at 30 watts. I’ve also used it in TC mode on the Kangertech KBOX 200 and gotten loads of vapor in the 385° – 400° F range.

Features: The vSix has about as many features as any tank I’ve seen. It’ll hold a healthy 6 ml of ejuice, it’s top filling with adjustable airflow. I haven’t seen many tanks with adjustable ejuice flow, but the vSix has it. And VaporFi ships the tank with three coils, each a different variety so you can figure out which one best suits your style of vaping.

vf vsix in box coils 01About the only feature the vSix is missing is a removable Pyrex tank. The glass in the vSix is integral, meaning you can’t take it out to clean the tank. And if you drop the tank and the Pyrex breaks, the tank is toast.

Quality: VaporFi has long been known for its high end, quality products and the vSix Tank certainly maintains that tradition. The threading on the tank is smooth and flush. The coils perform excellently. I haven’t experienced any gurgling or flooding. I have noticed a bit of condensation around the seal of the lid. But I think that’s partially due to the flush top of the tank at the fill holes. It’s pretty easy to get a drop of ejuice on there when filling the tank.

Looks: The VaporFi vSix Tank is very good looking device. It’s available in silver or black. VaporFi sent the black version for a Seven Report review, and I’m glad they did. The finish on this tank is rich and deep. The logo, in silver, really pops. And the two Pyrex windows allow just enough of the inner tubing and coil to show through for a nice contrast.

Price/Value: VaporFi offers the vSix tank for $59.99. That’s not cheap. But then, VaporFi has never competed on price, they don’t need to, they don’t make cheap products. They do offer an industry leading 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day warranty.

VF vSix on modSo add the piece of mind you get from that dedication to customer service to the excellent performance and features of the vSix and suddenly it’s not only a good deal, it’s a smart deal as well. Three different types of coils, adjustable ejuice flow and airflow and 6 ml ejuice capacity make the VaporFi vSix Tank one you’ll use for a long time to come.

I used the VaporFi vSix Tank with the VaporFi VOX 60 TC Mod, the SMOK R-Steam Mini and the Kangertech KBOX 200 and it worked well on every one of those mods. And I vaped a variety of ejuices in the vSix and it produced rich, full flavor with each of them.

VaporFi provided the vSix Tank for the purpose of this review. VaporFi is a Seven Report advertiser.


Order the vSix Tank from VaporFi.

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