Kangertech CLTANK 4.0 Review














  • Leak proof
  • Child lock
  • Sub ohm & TC coils


  • 4.0 ml capacity
  • Airflow slot at top of tank provides tight draw

In the midst of releasing a number of new mods, including versions of the KBOX and DRIPBOX, Kangertech has also brought a couple of new tanks to market. One of them, the CLTANK is in response to recent regulations in the European Union.

Despite the almost inevitable negative effect any government regulation has on quality, cost and innovation, Kangertech has managed to develop a device that not only satisfies the regulations but one that should satisfy most vapers.

CL Tank 2 and 4Kangertech has released two versions of the CLTANK, the 4.0 and the 2.0, the numbers denoting the ejuice capacity of each variation of the tank. The CLTANK 2.0 with a 2.0 ml capacity is a direct response to the limitation of tanks in the EU to that capacity. Kangertech sent the CLTANK 4.0 for Seven Report to review.

The “CL” in CLTANK stands for “child lock,” another requirement of the EU regulations. The CLTANK is a top filler, requiring you to press down as you twist the top to open the tank. With the top removed the coil stays attached to the lid via the chimney, leaving the base of the tank empty for filling. To make sure you don’t overflow the tank when you reinsert the coil as you put the top back on there is a max fill marker etched into the side of the tank.

The CLTANK has a single adjustable airflow slot at the top of the tank. It’s placed there to ensure that the CLTANK is leak proof, again, in response to regulations. Kangertech has developed new coils specifically for the CLTANK, the CLOCC, for Child Lock Organic Cotton Coil. The CLOCC will only work (so far) in the CLTANK and no other type of Kangertech coil will fit the CLTANK.

Kangertech includes a 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel CLOCC and a 0.15 ohm Ni 200 CLOCC. Kanger also lists a 1.5 ohm Nichrome version of the CLOCC on its website.

The Kangertech CLTANK is 22 mm in diameter, 46 mm tall (not including the drip tip and connector) and has a 510 connector.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X CLTANK 4.0 
  • 1 X 0.5 Stainless Steel CLOCC (installed in the tank) 
  • 1 X 0.15 Ni 200 CLOCC 
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and flavor of the vapor the CLTANK produces. The vapor itself is a little warmer than that produced by some other tanks I’ve used with the same ejuice. And the draw is a little tighter, even with the airflow port wide open. I chalk that up to the location of the airflow at the top of the tank. The CLOCC lasts a pretty long time. I’ve been using the Ni 200 coil for several weeks and it’s still putting out loads of tasty vapor.

cl tank 4 unassembledFeatures: The child lock and leak proof features are the key positives of the Kangertech CLTANK 4.0. Its top filling and three types of available coils are also positives. The 4.0 ml capacity (and to a greater degree the 2.0 ml capacity of the EU compliant version) and the location of the airflow control at the top of the tank, while maybe not negatives, certainly aren’t positive features.

Quality: Kangertech is known for its quality tanks, and the CLTANK 4.0 is as high quality or higher than any of the other Kangertech tanks I’ve used, and I’ve used almost all of them. Those new CLOCC coils are designed to be leak proof, and they have been so far for me. And they don’t suffer from the occasional gurgling that some other coils are subject to.

The only quality issue is possibly more of design feature. The Pyrex part of the tank is not removable, probably to minimize the potential for leaking. But that means that if you drop the tank and the Pyrex shatters you have to buy a new tank, no replacements are available.

cl tank 4 in redLooks: The Kangertech CLTANK 4.0 is a decent looking tank. Kanger sent me the silver version, it’s also available in black, white or red. I think the red is the best looking version. I actually like the looks of the CLTANK 2.0 a little better. But if you like lots of chrome and Pyrex, then the 4.0 in silver is going to be your best bet.

Price/Value: Kanger lists the CLTANK 4.0 at $28.90 DirectVapor, a Seven Report advertiser and review product supplier has it available for $17.95. That makes the CLTANK 4.0 a real bargain. Leak proof, child lock and with sub ohm and temperature control coils available, the CLTANK 4.0 is not only a good deal, for the DirectVapor price it’s an excellent choice.

I used the Kangertech CLTANK 4.0 for several weeks, with a number of ejuices. The flavor and vapor production was decent to very good. I used it on the Kangertech KBOX 200 and the SMOK R-Steam Mini and it performed well on both.

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Kangertech provided the CLTANK 4.0 for the purpose of this review.

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Order the Kangertech CLTank 4.0 from DirectVapor for $17.95.

(For details on Seven Report review methodology click here.)

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