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  • TC & 60 watts
  • Adjustment buttons on top of mod
  • 30 Day guarantee & 90 day warranty


  • Increments of change not single degree
  • Micro USB port on bottom of mod

VaporFi has introduced another member to the high quality VOX mod family, the VOX 60 TC. As the name might suggest, the VaporFi VOX 60 TC is a variable wattage, temperature control mod with a maximum output of 60 watts.

I’ve reviewed just about every version of the VOX mods and as good as each one has been, VaporFi manages to make improvements and upgrades with each new addition. The VOX 60 TC is no exception.

The VaporFi VOX 60 TC is powered by an internal 2600 mAh dual Li-Po battery. Charge the battery via the micro USB port located on the bottom of the mod using the including charging cable. You attach a tank to the VOX 60 TC via the spring loaded 510 connector.

VOX 60 TC official 01The VOX 60 TC will fire standard coils in variable wattage with resistances of 0.1 – 3.5 ohm. In temperature control mode the mod will fire Ni 200 and Titanium coils with resistances of .05 – 1.0 ohm.

The wattage range of the VOX 60 TC is 7 – 60 watts in 0.5 watt increments. In temperature control mode the range is 200° F – 600° F in 10° increments and 100° C – 300° C in 5° increments. To switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales scroll down through the bottom of one to get to the other.

There are three buttons on the VOX 60 TC; the flush mounted fire button on the front of the unit above the OLED display, and the “+” and “-” buttons located on the top of the mod in front of the spring loaded 510 connector. Turn the unit on or off with five clicks of the fire button.

The VaporFi VOX 60 TC will recognize the difference between a standard coil and a TC coil. When you’re using a standard coil the mod should automatically be set in variable wattage mode, unless the previous coil was a TC coil. When you attach a temperature control coil the display will prompt you to choose the type of coil, Nickel 200 or Titanium. Once you’ve made that selection you’ll be asked if the coil is new or old, meaning have you used the coil on the VOX 60 TC before. This selection sets the base resistance of the coil. To make sure the mod is reading the resistance accurately the coil should be at room temperature.

To adjust the temperature setting in TC mode you must first lock the device by pressing the fire button quickly three times. Then you hold in both the “+” and “-” buttons to enter the temperature adjustment display. Use the “+” or “-” button to scroll through the temperature scale and press the fire button once you’ve reached the desired temperature. Then you’ll need to unlock the mod by again pressing the fire button three times.

You can also set the maximum wattage output in TC mode by using the “+” and “-” buttons. Once you’re satisfied with your settings you can lock them in (or unlock them) by pressing the fire and “-” buttons.

In temperature control mode the OLED shows a battery meter, the resistance of the attached coil, your selected maximum wattage output and your selected temperature setting. In variable wattage mode it displays the battery meter, resistance, voltage and your selected wattage.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X VOX 60 TC mod 
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable 
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: VaporFi has another star performer in the VOX 60 TC. I’ve been using it for better than two weeks now and it’s done everything I’ve asked of it. I’ve used the VaporFi vSix Tank with a standard coil and the Kangertech CLTank 4.0 with a Ni 200 coil, and the VOX 60 TC worked excellently with both. It readily recognized the difference between standard and TC coils, and fired both every time I pressed the button.

VF VOX 60 TC wattage displayThe OLED is crisp, bright and easy to read, though it is a little small due to the overall compact size of the VOX 60 TC. The flush mounted fire button is easy to find and works well and because of its flush mounting it’s very difficult to fire the mod accidentally. The placement of the “+” and “-” buttons on the top of the device make it nearly impossible to change your settings inadvertently.

Features: There are quite a few great features packed into the VaporFi VOX 60 TC. Its compact size belies its power. It fits comfortably in the hand with that flush mounted fire button, another nice feature, easy to reach. Temperature control and 60 watts of power are both positives. And that bright OLED is one more positive, providing all of the pertinent information you need at a glance.

The method of putting the VOX 60 TC into temperature control mode at first seems like it may be a little laborious, but once you’ve done it a few times it becomes no big deal. And it does mean you’ll be switching the mod into temperature control mode accidentally.

vaporfi_vox_60_starter_kit_silver tankThere are couple of features on the VaporFi VOX 60 TC that are kind of pet peeves with me. First is the placement of the micro USB port on the bottom of the unit. Putting it there makes it difficult at best to charge the unit with it standing upright, which means if you charge it with a tank still attached to the mod, depending on the tank, you risk a little ejuice leakage. The second issue for me is the increments of change in temperature and wattage. In Fahrenheit it’s 10 increments and in Celsius 5. And in wattage mode the changes are in 0.5 watt increments. I much prefer being able to adjust temperature in single degrees and wattage in 0.1 watt increments.

The VOX 60 TC has all of the standard safety features, like output short circuit protection, low and high voltage and low resistance protection and a vented battery casing.

Quality: VaporFi is known for its high quality devices, and the VOX 60 TC is one of its best. The body is made of zinc alloy to make it lightweight, yet solid. The spring loaded 510 connector makes it easy to attach just about any tank. That flush mounted fire button works well and the internal battery provides a full day of vaping.

VF VOX 60 TC no tankLooks: I think the VOX 60 TC is the best looking of all the VOX family of mods. It’s compact in size, the finish is rich and deep with the logo etched into the side of the unit in a very subdued manner. The placement of the “+” and “-” buttons on the top of the device and the flush mounted fire button keeps the lines of the mod clean and elegant.

VaporFi offers the VOX 60 TC in black and silver. I have the black model and it looks great with a black or silver tank attached.

Price/Value: The VaporFi VOX 60 TC is not an entry level device and it doesn’t carry an entry level price. VaporFi lists it at $139.99. That may seem a little steep, but with the quality, performance and features VaporFi packs into this mod, you’re not going to need to replace it for a long time to come.

And VaporFi has that industry leading 30 day money back guarantee and 90 day warranty, so you can buy the VOX 60 TC with confidence.

I’ve been using the VaporFi VOX 60 TC for a little over two weeks now and have been more than satisfied. I’ve used it with the VaporFi vSix Tank and the Kangertech CLTank 4.0 in variable wattage and temperature control modes. This is a mod I’ll be using for months to come.

VaporFi provided the VOX 60 TC for the purpose of this review. VaporFi is a Seven Report advertiser.


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