Vape Mail From Royal Heights Vapor

Royal Heights Mail 03-219-15I did something I don’t normally do. I reached out to a company about reviewing their ejuices. I’d been reading a number of reviews, by reviewers I respect, on ejuices from Royal Heights Vapor of Charleston, SC. So I messaged them and said, “If you ever need another reviewer, I’m available.” I messaged back and forth a few times with Debbie and today in the mail, a package of wonderfully aromatic ejuice.

Here’s what was in the package:

Red Whip: Many flavors wrapped into a sometimes strawberry short cake and then it tastes like strawberries and sweet cream.

The Aristocrat: A blend of cake, pudding and vanilla swirled into butterscotch and caramel. Topped with hint of pineapple.

Slice: Lots of apples, nestled into flaky buttery crust and sprinkled with cinnamon. It has that fruity side and pastry kind of cobbler side.

I couldn’t help myself. I opened each bottle and took a slow, long whiff. They each smell marvelous. I can’t wait to start vaping them! I’ll have full, in depth reviews of each beginning in the next week or so. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified through those outlets when the reviews are live.

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You can order any of these ejuices from

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